Must Know Tips For Emergency Water Storage

Posted by James on Feb 9, 2018

Emergency Water storage tips
Food storage is a common topic these days, especially since the world seems to be throwing its finest-disaster curve balls at us lately. Being prepared for an emergency situation is a machine with many working parts. We have come a long way since the days of living in caves and wrasslin up lunch with our […] Read more

How to Wax Food for Long-Term Storage

Posted by James on Feb 6, 2018

How to Wax Food for Long-Term Storage
You may have noticed a glossy sheen on the fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store. This wax coating actually serves a purpose; wax holds in moisture and slows oxygen penetration, which in turn slows the ripening process. Wax coating allows preservatives to give food a higher shelf life, which is ideal for food […] Read more

What Is Freeze Drying?

Posted by James on Jan 17, 2018

What Is Freeze Drying?
Food storage is a wonderment that has swept through American homes like wildfire in the past few years. This is something we can thank Mother Nature for. She has been on a mission to show us that emergency preparedness is extremely important and not something we should take lightly. Water, medical supplies, and a plan […] Read more
8 Pro Tips To Get Maximum Shelf Life From Your Food Storage
Those who are wise enough to prepare for an emergency know that food storage is essential. However, without a little guidance, important steps can often be overlooked. You may have a “well-equipped” pantry full of food, but in a crisis scenario that half-full bag of Doritos is not going to get you and your family […] Read more

8 Step Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Posted by James on Dec 13, 2017

8 Step Guide To Emergency Preparedness (1)
History teaches us many things, but Mother Nature has taken it upon herself to give us an extra dose of hard-life lessons in the past year. Hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and disease have shown up, uninvited, and left a wake of destruction and disaster in their path. As a result, people are hyper-aware of the […] Read more

2017 Preparedness Gift Guide For Every Situation!

Posted by James on Nov 30, 2017

2017 Preparedness Gift Guide For Every Situation!
The perfect gift this year is not a pony, a fancy pair of socks, and especially not a fruit cake (gross); this year the best present you can give to all your loved ones is food, yep… food. We are quickly entering the season of giving and often we overlook the obvious and necessary for […] Read more
How 148 Tornados In 1974 Changed Emergency Preparedness Forever
It’s human nature to want to be the best, break records, and rules… people get stronger, faster, smarter, and figure out how to go farther and faster every day. Milestones become faded memories and we continue to move forward breaking rules and regulations. Mother Nature is no different; she has continued to show us that […] Read more

6 Emergency Foods Every Family Should Store

Posted by James on Oct 26, 2017

6 Emergency Foods Every Family Should Store
There are many people in the world that walk around with an “it won’t happen to me” attitude; they feel like a crisis situation is only something they see other people go through while they watch the nightly news and enjoy a slice of pizza. The truth is… no one is immune to disaster. Mother […] Read more

Vote For Your Favorite New Product!

Posted by James on Oct 13, 2017

Cleaning Up After The Hurricane, Where Does All the Debris Go?
Hands up who loves garbage!? Unless you’re a critter, such as a rat or a seagull, you probably didn’t raise your hand to that question, right? Whelp, odds are that no one who is dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and Irma raised their hands either. Mountains of debris (often toxic) are currently lingering […] Read more