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Posted by James on Oct 13, 2017

Cleaning Up After The Hurricane, Where Does All the Debris Go?
Hands up who loves garbage!? Unless you’re a critter, such as a rat or a seagull, you probably didn’t raise your hand to that question, right? Whelp, odds are that no one who is dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and Irma raised their hands either. Mountains of debris (often toxic) are currently lingering […] Read more
Recovering After The Big Storm, What To Expect And How To Prepare
Hurricane-Harvey news has been attacking us (no pun intended) from all angles… television, radio, all social media sites, your overly talkative neighbor, that one guy at work who only wants to talk about Harvey (or Trump)… it can be pretty overwhelming. However, this is what’s happening in our world today, whether you like it or […] Read more

How Much Food Does A Grocery Store Really Hold?

Posted by James on Aug 30, 2017

How Much Food Does A Grocery Store Really Hold?
What would happen in the event of a food crisis? In 2013, according to World Bank president Robert Zoellick, for the first time in living memory our world is “one poor harvest away from chaos.” What would that chaos look like? Well… at the end of World War II, Eastern Europe had front row tickets […] Read more

History Of United States Food Rationing

Posted by James on Aug 23, 2017

History Of United States Food Rationing
The United States has always thought of itself as the “land of abundance, “ but ask anyone who was on the “home front” during World War II about the bounty that America offers and the conversation will quickly turn to rationing. During the war, Americans quickly became familiar with the slogan “Do with less, so […] Read more

The Hidden Problem with Food Waste in America

Posted by James on Aug 14, 2017

Food Waste In America
Hunger is not limited to third-world countries. There are millions of households in the United States that are “food insecure,” meaning they struggle to provide enough food for their family. Although Americans have become increasingly aware of the issues of food waste, the amount of those who freely admit to being part of the problem […] Read more

The Best Water Treatment Methods

Posted by James on Aug 2, 2017

The Best Water Treatment Methods
You may know that having clean water is extremely important, not only in emergency situations, but also in your everyday life. We are lucky enough to be able to turn the handle on the faucet to produce clean, great tasting water instantaneously. But, what if that stops working? How do you provide clean water for […] Read more

Preparedness Tips We Learned From Venezuela

Posted by James on Jul 26, 2017

Preparedness Tips We Learned From Venezuela
Preparedness can be a bit tricky. Creating a plan will help you to know what items are most important. The first step of your plan should be to list out what disasters you may need to prepare for. In most of the USA, you probably don’t need to plan for a tsunami, but an earthquake […] Read more

A Guide to What is Edible in the Wild

Posted by James on Jul 17, 2017

A Guide to What is Edible in the Wild
Toxic or Safe? The Million Dollar Question We’ve all seen a movie or read a book about someone being lost in the woods, yearning for a juicy steak, but instead they are surrounded by shrubbery, which may or may not be fatal when ingested. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in this dilemma. There is […] Read more

5 Overlooked Must Have Camping Items

Posted by James on Jul 10, 2017

5 Overlooked Camping Items
We are deep in the belly of summer and that means camping season is in full force. The wilderness lovers of the world are in their prime and loving every second spent romping in the great outdoors. But even the most experienced campers forget essentials that can make life on a mountain easier and more […] Read more