Freeze Dried Meat

Freeze Dried Meat & Protein

Freeze dried meats are a fantastic way to add variety and nutrition to your long term food storage. Our USDA inspected freeze dried meat has all the same nutrition you'd expect from fresh meat, you just have to add water. Bulk freeze dried meat is a delicious way to bulk up the protein content of your emergency food storage.

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Look No Further For Freeze Dried Meat

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We Have The Freeze Dried Meat, Others Don’t!

Freeze dried meat is an essential part of any food stock yet it is the hardest stock to source. We know that everyone wants to add freeze dried meats into their food storage but many struggle to find a reliable source of these meats. Well look no further because, we are constantly sourcing high quality freeze dried meats for our customers. We know how hard it is to find dried meat from our own personal experience. That's why we go the extra mile to keep bulk freeze dried meats stocked. Dried meat also makes a great gluten free survival food.

Quality Ingredients Means Quality Freeze Dried Beef, Chicken and Turkey

Freeze dried meats aren't all created equal, that’s why we set a high standard of quality for our dried meats. Our freeze dried beef, chicken and turkey comes with a guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality meats that we can source. Unlike other companies who source meats with tons of added junk, we only source meats with the highest quality calories. Still dont believe us, try our freeze dried meats and other freeze dried food for yourself, we know you’ll taste the difference.

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Finally Protein-Packed Freeze Dried Meat Is Available!

Freeze Dried Meat Is Packed With Protein

Protein is the number one source of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass and one of the best survival foods you can stock. Lucky for you, our freeze dried meat is packed full of protein. With the addition of freeze dried proteins in your food stock you can ensure that you and your family maintain the same level of health and wellness that you would get from a non freeze dried meal. Now that you know why stocking a source of freeze dried protein is so important the only question left how much to add to your survival food buckets? Use our survival food calculator to help you figure out how much food you need to have put away.


Simple and recognizable ingredients without fillers, hemicals, or added junk.


Food shouldn't be a science experiment. We ensure all of our ingredients are non-GMO.


Empty calories leave with feeling sluggish. We provide high-quality calories to keep you sharp.

Secure your freeze dried meat now, while it's in stock!

It Goes Fast! Make Sure You Secure Your Freeze Dried Beef.

As you already know, freeze dried beef is the hardest freeze dried protein to stock. We are well aware of this and continuously stock beef as frequently as we can. However, our stock of freeze dried beef goes fast and we can never source enough for how quickly our customers buy freeze dried beef. So what are you waiting for? If you don’t buy your freeze dried beef now, with all the talk of a food shortage coming, you might not have an opportunity tomorrow.

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How Long Does Freeze Dried Meat Last In Storage?

Our freeze dried meat lasts up to 25 years in storage. This is due to the precautions we take with our food to ensure that it lasts until it’s needed. We take a two step approach at Valley Food Storage to ensure that our freeze dried meats, and all our 25 year shelf life food, will last all 25 years in storage. The first step we take to make our freeze dried meats last 25 years is our water resistant bucket. Our water resistant bucket works to keep out water and animals, the most common killers of food storage. The second step we take is the mylar bags we seal our meats in. The mylar bags are what keeps the freeze dried meats safely sealed away from humidity and insect infestation.

How Should You Eat Freeze-Dried Meat?

You can eat our freeze dried meat as-is or cooked. All our freeze dried meat is cooked prior to freeze drying making it completely safe to eat straight out of the bag. You can also eat your freeze dried meats by cooking them with other recipes. Pairing your freeze dried meat with an entree is extremely popular within the preparedness community. To do this simply add the freeze dried meat to any food storage entree and enjoy a protein dense meal.

Can You Rehydrate Freeze Dried Proteins With Cold Water?

If you don’t have access to hot water you can rehydrate freeze dried proteins with cold water if it has been pre-cooked before freeze drying. All our freeze dried proteins at Valley Food Storage are always pre-cooked before freeze drying which allows you to use cold water to rehydrate your protein. In fact we have many happy customers who love to rehydrate their proteins with cold water and then microwave the protein to their desired temperature. In fact, this makes a bag of freeze dried meat a great piece of camping survival gear to keep with you when you're out in nature.

How Do You Rehydrate Freeze-Dried Beef?

To rehydrate your freeze dried beef or any freeze dried meat you simply need to add water. The amount of water doesn't matter as the freeze dried beef will only absorb as much liquid as it needs to rehydrate. The temperature of the water also doesn't matter either! This means that no matter the situation you and your family find yourself in you can always rehydrate your freeze dried beef. After rehydrating your freeze dried beef, it's a good idea to dry the meat with a paper towel to remove any excess water on the outside of the meat.