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Gluten Free Emergency & Survival Food

Gluten free emergency food plays a critical role in your survival food planning. The last thing you want to deal with in a crisis is digestive issues from your freeze dried food not being made of quality, gluten free food storage. A lot of our emergency survival kits are gluten free and, of course, made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. 

This product was produced in a facility that packages product containing wheat and may contain trace amounts of gluten

Supplies like rope, compass and emergency food

Finally You Can Prepare With Gluten Free Emergency Food

Bags of gluten free survival food being taken out of a bucket

Did You Hear? You Can Now Stock Gluten Free Emergency Food.

Everyday more and more people are learning about preparedness and getting started prepping. This means that people with dietary restrictions now need an emergency food provider that can accommodate them. Lucky for you we are that emergency food provider! Whether you're putting together your bug out bag essentials, or building a full food storage plan, at Valley Food Storage we know how restrictive a gluten free diet can be. That’s why we have spent countless hours sourcing the highest quality gluten free and freeze dried food options to meet the needs of those with a gluten restrictive diet.

We Offer Restricted Diet Options! And Gluten Free Food Storage Is Now One Of Them.

We know how hard it is to find food at the grocery store when you have dietary restrictions. We know it's even harder to find emergency food that meets your dietary needs. That’s why we have gone the extra mile to add a variety of gluten free survival foods options to our bulk foods. These options include everything from oatmeal to white bean and lime chili to ensure that you’ll find a delicious way to reach your daily calorie intake even with a restrictive diet. We even offer dairy free survival food options as well.

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Can’t Eat Gluten? Try Gluten Free Survival Food

We Offer A Number Of Gluten Free Emergency Options.

We know that a gluten free diet can be very limiting but your gluten free survival food doesn't have to be. We have spent countless hours sourcing a number of gluten free options to provide our customers with as many of the best survival foods as we can. We have delicious gluten free survival food options ranging from tomato basil soup to maple brown sugar oatmeal. And the best part about our gluten free survival foods is that you can’t even tell it’s gluten free. We offer a number of gluten survival foods aside from the obvious ones like freeze dried fruits and vegetables and freeze dried meats. A number of our tasty survival entrees are also gluten free and, of course, made with clean, nutritious real foods without chemicals and fillers.

Allergic to Gluten? We Have Gluten Free Emergency Food.

Don’t let your dietary restrictions leave you unprepared.

With 18 million people in the United States suffering from a gluten allergy we knew we couldn't call ourselves an emergency food storage company without providing gluten free emergency food. So that’s what we did! We spent countless hours working to provide those who are allergic to gluten with viable options to meet their daily caloric intake when faced with an emergency. If you are one of those 18 million people currently suffering from a gluten allergy, don’t stress, you can be just as prepared as someone without a gluten allergy with our variety of gluten free survival food options. And with all the rumblings of a food shortage coming soon and people asking how to survive hyperinflation there's never been a better time to stock up.

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What Should Be In A Gluten Free Emergency Supply?

A gluten free emergency supply should contain everything that a normal emergency food supply does minus the gluten. This means that you should still store enough fruits, vegetables, protein, and calories to last your family during an emergency, often starting with a 72 hour food kit. The only real difference in a gluten free emergency supply is that the entrees, which provide a majority of the calories in your food stock, should all be gluten free options. Even things like powdered eggs and freeze dried fruit are great options to keep on hand.

What Are Common Survival Foods To Avoid For Gluten Free Food Storage?

If you are creating a gluten free food storage you should avoid stocking common survival foods such as protein bars and other highly processed foods. Common survival foods you find at a grocery store are often made with gluten and won’t be suitable for a gluten free food storage. When looking for gluten free survival food we always recommended reading the ingredients on the nutrient label to ensure there is no added gluten or wheat.

Does Gluten Free Survival Food Have The Same Shelf Life As Other Survival Foods?

We can't speak for other companies but at Valley Food Storage all of our gluten free survival food has the same 25 year shelf life as all of our other survival foods. We treat our gluten free options with the same care as all our other emergency foods to ensure that it holds its 25 year shelf life. We do this by adding two layers of security when packaging our gluten free survival food. First we put the gluten free survival food in a sealed mylar bag to keep humidity and insects from ruining your stock. Next we carefully place all of the gluten free survival food inside of a water resistant survival food bucket as a second layer of protection against water and animals.