Our Best Survival Foods: 10 Healthy Survival Foods to Keep in Your House At All Times

March 22, 2022 7 min read

healthy emergency food you need

Fun Fact: Mother Nature is an unpredictable beast, especially when it comes to natural disasters.

However, she also has her steady and authentic qualities.

For example, in 2020, the US experienced 15 hurricanes which broke the record high set in 1969!

Yet somehow, there are still people who are shocked when they wake up to find that they’re being held a prisoner in their own home by a relentless storm. 

The threat of this scenario often causes the unprepared masses to panic and have difficulty to decide either to bug out or bug in

They rush to their local grocery store with high hopes of shelves stocked with enough food for their survival instead of relying on their own 72 hour food supply.

An average grocery store typically has about three days’ worth of supplies on hand, but supplies can quickly dwindle to nothing when deliveries stop.

Don’t wait until you are in the midst of an emergency situation; start prepping today with healthy emergency food and consider our survival food subscription boxes.

Here are the top ten essential healthy survival food samples that you should have in your home at all times.


Best Survival Food #1 - Peanut Butter, Trail Mix, and Nuts


trail mix healthy survival food


Not only is peanut butter delicious in every way, but it contains high amounts of healthy fats and proteins needed to fuel the body with strength and energy.

Because it does not require refrigeration, it is an ideal candidate for healthy survival food and also good to be prepared and kept in your survival food bucket

Other nutty treats, individually sealed packages of nuts, whether part of a trail mix or simply on their own, are convenient and a great energy source.

Some of my favorite brans of trail mix include Planters and Larabar.

Be careful to ensure that the peanut butter and trail mix you pick actually qualifies as healthy emergency food.

It’s easy to get highly unhealthy versions of all three of these items.

Just make sure you read the nutritional values on the packaging.


Best Prepper Food #2 - Vitamins


vitamins for long term food storage


Believe it or not, vitamins are a part of this healthy survival food list.

It’s not always something you think of as food, but it’s something you definitely need.

You never know how long you may be without power or access to fresh food, so it is essential to include multivitamins in your emergency kit.

A vitamin-packed supplement can help replace nutrients that may not be available to you during an emergency.

These will also help boost the effectiveness of your immune system and the nutritional value of your healthy emergency food.


Best Healthy Survival Vitamins:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K 

Survival Foods #3 - Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze dried foods have a much higher shelf life than fresh fruit, making them an amazingly healthy survival food.

They are also so delicious.

Raisins, strawberries, pineapple, apricots, and coconut are just a few of the available freeze-dried fruits on the market.

Campers and backpackers have enjoyed these fruity morsels for years due to the high amount of nutrients they provide.

The best part of some freeze dried fruits and vegetables are how long they last.

Some have a 2 or 3 year shelf life, but our freeze dried fruits all last up to 25 years.

This gives you the best bang for your buck and can guarantee you have healthy emergency food ready to eat for years!


Survival Food #4 - Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Chili and Soup

canned goods as a heathy survival food


Canned goods are beneficial in an emergency kit for many reasons, such as they can be eaten straight out of the can, do not require refrigeration, last for a long time, and provide essential nutrients the body needs daily. And they're great to have on hand when you're trying to survive hyperinflation like we're starting to see today.

The issue you have to be careful of here is actually picking healthy emergency food just like freeze dried vegetables.

A lot of these canned goods are incredibly unhealthy, and inadequate minimum calories to survive can fool you.

Much like the trail mix, make sure to check the nutritional values and what is contained.

One of my favorite soups to have in my healthy emergency food kit is cheddar potato soup.

Not always the healthiest but a hell of a comfort food that I know I'll want when the world is falling apart. 

Don’t immediately go for so-called low fat or cans that label themselves healthy.

Check the facts for yourself to make sure any canned goods you get actually qualify as healthy survival food for your stock.


Survival Food #5 - Whole Grain Crackers & Cereals

whole grain crackers

Crackers can be an excellent substitution for bread.

They have a higher shelf life (especially when vacuum sealed) and contain carbohydrates and fiber, which the body requires to function correctly.

Those two factors alone prove them being on our healthy emergency food list, but you can take these one step further by buying whole-wheat, and whole-grain crackers are the way to go.

Another healthy survival food that is like crackers - whole grain cereals.

These contain enough fiber to be filling and fast and easy snack food.

Try to find a cereal with individually packaged servings.

That way, it will stay fresh for much longer.

It should go without saying - stay away from the high sugar cereals.

Sure, I love them, but they aren’t exactly great for healthy emergency food.

Get them as a treat for normal times but keep the healthy whole grain options for survival situations.


Best Survival Food for Storage #6 - Pasteurized/Powdered Milk

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D.

Still, when fresh milk is inaccessible, non-perishable pasteurized milk and powdered milk can be a great alternative and a fantastic option for your healthy survival food supply.

Powdered milk contains all of the essential nutrients that regular milk has to offer but will last for up to 25 years.

They do not require refrigeration, so they are a great addition to your healthy emergency food supply.

Survival Food #7 - Baby Food & Formula


baby formula


Infants require a whole slew of nutrients to grow up healthy and strong.

So if you have an infant, baby food and formula will be an essential part of your food storage.

No little ones in the house?

Adults can also benefit from the nutrients that baby foods provide.

An average jar of baby food has around 50-100 calories, so this can be a handy option to “tie you over” until your next full meal.

This will also help your healthy survival food supply to last longer.


Survival Food #8 - Energy Bars & Sports Drinks


sports drinks


If they are good enough for professional athletes, they are good enough for your healthy emergency food supply, right?

They are - but again, like most food sold in typical stores, you have to make sure what you pick will actually fit the bill for healthy survival food.

Granola bars are a great source of energy.

They work quickly and efficiently because they are packed with carbohydrates and protein.

They are also kid-friendly, so they are great for the whole family. Sports drinks are not only hydrating.

They provide the body with electrolytes and carbohydrates, which makes them a great source of energy.


Survival Food #9 - Canned and Freeze Dried Protein


freeze dried sausage from valley food storage


We’ve all had canned tuna fish, sardines, or salmon, but freeze-dried meats are giving canned proteins a run for their money and is considered one of the best healthy survival foods you can add to your supply. Powdered eggs are an longstanding example.

Within the past few years, the process to freeze dry proteins has come a very long way.

It used to be that this stuff tasted like dog food and would practically make you throw up.

Today’s freeze dried protein is packed with all of the flavors of normal protein due to revolutionary advances in the freeze drying process.

Protein is required for maximum energy levels and strength, so canned proteins are a great addition to any healthy emergency food kit.

Although they really can be enjoyed at any time, emergency or not, try spicing up your weekday dinner with some protein-packed freeze-dried meat.


Best Survival Food #10 - Water


water for long term food storage


Last but not least, the best healthy emergency food you need to have in your kit - water.

It won’t matter if your storage is full of all the food items on this list; you simply will not survive without water.

Make sure you have a supply of fresh water as a part of your healthy survival food kit.

Keep in mind that supply may run out, so you should also have a backup plan for your water source.

Boiling water will make it safe for consumption and use, so besides having a stockpile of water, you should have items that will allow you to boil a second source.

Pots, matches, candles, and burnable oils are essential components of any emergency kit.

Keep in mind that all of these things must be stored correctly.

Conclusion - Healthy Survival Foods Everyone Needs

With the ever-changing landscape of our country, you have to be ready, and the easiest way to prepare is with a fantastic healthy survival food kit for your household.

Your healthy emergency food storage should be somewhere cool and dry, such as the basement.

Check your food for unusual odors, colors, and textures periodically, and discard any food that may have been contaminated.

If you’re ready to start building your healthy emergency food storage, then start with the the leader in clean simple survival food, Valley Food Storage.

These are pre-packed with everything you need in clean and healthy survival food.

The food also lasts for 25 years.

It’s a no-brainer, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Having these healthy emergency foods as part of your emergency arsenal will significantly increase your survival rate the next time Mother Nature gets a bee in her bonnet.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start to gather your goods today and start building the best survival food storage you can.