Emergency Survival Food Buckets

Emergency Survival Food Buckets

Our survival food buckets are designed to be key building blocks for your long term storage needs. Emergency food buckets are the easiest way to add a variety of large quantities of food while being sure to cover all of your categories, including breakfast, dinner, fruits and vegetables. Each prepper food bucket provides clean nutrients and calories with many long term food storage buckets supplying enough for an entire family. All our survival food buckets contain more daily calories, at a lower cost per calorie, without the use of fillers or artificial ingredients, while still with bulletproof 25 year shelf life foods.

Supplies ready to load into an emergency food bucket

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Stock Survival Food Buckets

Why You Need To Stock Long Term Food Storage Buckets Immediately!

If you don’t have long term food storage and disaster strikes it’s already too late. With Valley Food Storage’s long term food storage buckets you can get peace of mind tomorrow by preparing today. Don’t thank us today, thank us after you realize how helpful it was that you had our emergency food in a time of crisis. Don’t wait until it’s too late, Prepare today for tomorrow's emergency.

Prepper Food Buckets Aren’t Just For Preppers.

You're probably thinking, I’m not a prepper, I don't need a food storage bucket, well you couldn’t be more wrong. Food storage buckets aren’t just for preppers, they are for families who want to take the extra step to have peace of mind in the time of crisis. Thousands of other families have already taken the necessary steps to secure peace of mind for their family so what are you waiting for? Secure your food storage bucket today and prepare like a prepper.

A family carrying emergency food buckets

Preparation Starts With Emergency Food Buckets

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Begin Your Prepping Journey With Emergency Food Buckets

The journey to preparedness can be overwhelming, that’s why we are here to help. We know prepping starts with emergency food buckets but it doesn't end there. That’s why we provide more than just emergency food buckets to our community. How, you ask? Through our survival guides, Practical Prepper Blogs, and Practical Prepper Podcast! So, start with an emergency food bucket and we will help guide you through the journey to total preparedness.


Simple and recognizable ingredients without fillers, chemicals, or added junk.


Food shouldn't be a science experiment. We ensure all of our ingredients are non-GMO.


Empty calories leave with feeling sluggish. We provide high-quality calories to keep you sharp.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected With Food Storage Buckets

Do You Have Enough Emergency Food Buckets?

One of the hardest questions to answer is when do you have enough emergency food buckets? Luckily for you we have the answer to this question. Based on CDC recommendations you should stock at least  72 hour food kit for each member of your family. At an average calorie intake of 1,800 calories per day you will need at least 5,400 calories per person for three days. Although the CDC recommends only having about 3 days worth of emergency food that doesn't mean you should stop there. The more emergency food buckets you stock the better prepared you will be! In addition to filling out your bug out bag essentials, most preppers consider 6-12 months of food to be the minimum.

Chart of Calorie Needs for Survival Food Buckets


Is storing emergency food buckets worth it?

Not only is storing emergency food buckets worth it but we believe it's a necessity. Emergency food buckets are the first step anyone should take to be more prepared for emergency situations. With a solid 25 year shelf life food supply you no longer need to wonder where you will get your next meal from when your refrigerator runs low or stops working during a crisis. If you are still wondering whether an emergency food bucket is worth it ask yourself this, is peace of mind during a crisis worth it? Besides that peace of mind, consider how you can prepare for inflation. Buying food at today's prices is a great why to beat hyperinflation and grocery food shortages. Check out our blog on how to prep to get started.

How do you make a survival food bucket?

That’s easy you don’t, because we do it for you! We pack all of our dehydrated and freeze dried food buckets with the highest quality calories sealed shut in mylar bags to ensure they have a 25 year shelf life. We know that this isn't the only way to make a survival food bucket but we have found that it is the best way. We make our buckets this way because it keeps your food free of water damage, which is the most common destroyer of survival food buckets. Leave the hard work of making a survival food bucket to us so you only need to worry about where to store your buckets when they arrive.

Which survival food company is the best option?

The answer to which survival food company is the best option is simple, It’s Valley Food Storage of course. Why are we the best option you ask? The answer is in the food itself, at Valley Food Storage we only use clean ingredients to provide you with the highest quality calories and the best survival food. Unlike other survival food companies we pride ourselves in delivering you with the same standard of food you would eat on a daily basis. If you don't believe us, try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Do long-term food storage buckets keep food safe?

Long term food storage buckets are a great way to stock up on food! The long term food storage bucket itself works to keep out the common killer of long term food storage, water. But that's not all the long term food storage buckets keep out, they also work to keep animals and insects away from your long term food storage. But the long term food storage bucket is only the first line of defense. As a secondary level of defense is our mylar bags. We package all our long term food in mylar bags to further prevent water damage and infestation. The mylar bags are what gives our food the 25 year shelf life and the long term food storage bucket is used to keep the mylar bags safe and undamaged.