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The 5 Worst Tornadoes in American History

April 16, 2019 3 min read


A large amount of our great country is threatened almost every day from summer till fall by one of the most ruthless weather formations, tornados. These freak storms are some of the roughest and toughest storms that Mother Nature can dish out. They strike lightning fast and leave a trail of destruction. The worst part is they can strike almost anywhere at anytime. There are no areas immune to tornadoes; they have been reported in mountains and valleys, over deserts and swamps, from the Gulf Coast into Canada, in Hawaii and even Alaska. Regardless of the location or time of year, if conditions are right, a tornado can happen.

2011 Tornado Touchdown map Retreived from

A quick YouTube visit can show you tornados from North Dakota to Florida and from California to North Carolina. There has been a tornados reported in every state with an average of over 1,300 a year to touch down in the US alone.

This means we all have to be ready and know what to look for when the weather starts to turn. Don’t get caught unprepared; these storms can knock out power and water for weeks on end. Get started with your emergency food storage kit now before its to late!

Hackleburg, Alabama - April 27, 2011

Hackleburg Tornado Wreckage 2011 Retrieved From:

Hackelburg was right in the middle of the outbreak of tornados in 2011 and this was one of the worst. Winds were measured at over 200 mph. It left a trail of destruction 132 miles long and cost 72 people their lives while also injuring 145. It caused $1.25 billion in damages, causing the most in Alabama history…for a few hours anyway. Here is the video to see it in action.

Joplin, Missouri - May 23, 2011

Joplin 2011 Tornado Wreckage Retrieved From:

Just a few months later another 200 mph tornado landed in Missouri. It leveled almost every building in site, including schools and hospitals. After it was over 162 people had been killed and it cost over $2.8 billion in damages and affected more than 17,000 individuals. It took years for the town to rebuild. To see the damages, watch this.

St. Louis, Missouri - May 27, 1896

St. Louis Tornado Wreckage Retrieved From:

In May of 1896 one of the most deadly tornadoes in history touched down in St Louis. It was the most violent in a string of storms that crushed the area that year. 255 people were killed as the tornado laid waste to the city. The damages were estimated at $3.8 billion, with today’s standards, by destroying over 8,800 buildings.

The Gainesville Tornado

Gainesville Tornado Wreckage

This tornado was the result of a pair of storms that converged April 6, 1936, in Gainesville, Georgia. It resulted in the killing of 203 people and injuring 1,600. The tornado destroyed four blocks and 750 houses in the northern Georgia town. The next day it continued and by the end of the 2 days the death toll ran to 454 people.

Tri-State Tornado - March 18, 1925

Tri-State Tornado Wreckage

The Tri-State tornado was the deadliest twister in the history of the country. It was the biggest cyclone in a system of 12 that hit the area. The storm killed 695 people and left a track of 219 miles. It is considered to have hit the F5 intensity with a width of a mile and traveling almost 60 miles an hour for 3 straight hours.