Emergency Food Supply Kits

Emergency kits have been a necessity for human kind for thousands of years. Thankfully we have grown out of the flint, steel and spear days to amazing freeze dried foods, solar power chargers, and water purifiers. Here you will find everything you need for your families emergency needs. Be sure to check our Grab and Go Bucket as well as the 72-hour kits for all-encompassing emergency supplies. Or build your own with our great water, solar and food products below!

Emergency Food Supplies

Emergency Food Supply Buckets

Emergency Food Supply Buckets

Monthly Emergency Food Storage Plans

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Emergency Food Kits Made Easy

We all need to be prepared for whatever life might throw at us, whether its natural disaster, economic depression or being stuck on a cold wintery night with a car that wont start. Prepare yourself and loved ones with the best! Here at Valley Food Storage we make sure to provide you with only the highest quality in an emergency food supply and heres the kicker….we are cheaper too! Whether you need a 72 hour kit or a full month of food storage for your big family you have come to the right place. Make sure to read our reviews and then contact us with all your questions so we can help you get started today! Need More Reasons?
  • You can pronounce all our ingredients
  • No hydrogenated oils or preservatives
  • Up to 25 years shelf life
  • Durable, resealable packages
  • Packaged into easy to buy kits
  • Seriously good taste!
  • The Basics Of Emergency Food

    • Emergency Drinking water, or a way to purify water from rain or snow
    • Bulk dehydrated foods, like fruits and vegetables
    • Food kits that require minimal preparation
    • A source of heat, such as a propane camping stove or sterno cans and matches
    • Keeping all of these items on hand can make the difference between a miserable time with the power out and the ability to make it through the storm comfortably