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33 Cool Gifts for Guys: Unique Gifts For All Kinds of Men

We’ve all got that one man in our lives that’s just impossible to shop for, whether it’s our dad, brother, son, significant other, or friend. When you ask them what they’d like as a gift, they just say, “Anything is good.” 

So, when Christmas or their birthday finally rolls around, you find yourself stressed in Target and Walmart, wondering what to get them.

Luckily, we’re here to ease that trouble for you. With our list of 33 unique practical gifts for men, you’ll find the right gift for every type of guy. From survival food to instant cameras, this list is full of cool gifts for guys and can be the best homestead gifts as well. So, keep reading to upgrade your gift-giving skills. 

1. 72-hour Emergency Food Kit - Valley Food Storage

72 hour food kit

One of the coolest gifts you can get a guy is the 72-hour Emergency Food Kit from Valley Food Storage. Whether they’re prepping for a food shortage or just going on a camping trip over the weekend, this emergency food kit has the best prepper food a man could ask for. It provides you with 1,800 calories per day for 3 days and is non-GMO.

2. Cordless Beard Trimmer - Bevel

Growing their dream beard can be one of the proudest accomplishments for men. So help them celebrate their scruff by gifting them this Cordless Beard Trimmer from Bevel. The trimmer will maintain their facial hair quickly and precisely.

3. The Mirror - Mirror


The Mirror


If you know a fitness freak who works out in his home gym, The Mirror from Mirror is the perfect gift for him. The Mirror is a smart gym equipment piece that offers its users some of the best virtual fitness instructions and exercises. It includes guidance on cardio, yoga, boxing, and more.

4. Wood Docking Station - Barva

It's way too easy for some guys to lose track of their keys, watch, phone, AirPods, etc. This Wood Docking Station from Barva is the perfect gift and solution that includes dedicated spots for all his essentials, so he'll never lose them again.

5. A Personal Concrete Fireplace - Flikr


Flikr personal fire place


Lots of guys want a fireplace, but they can be really expensive and difficult to maintain. Enter the compact yet effective Personal Concrete Fireplace from Flikr that burns safely and cleanly. Since it operates on just isopropyl, he can enjoy the perfect ambiance without worrying about a fire hazard.

6. Ultralight French Press - Espro

Whether your guy wants to make better coffee or is already the best coffee maker in town, this Ultralight French Press from Espro is the perfect gift. It's double-walled and vacuum-insulated, allowing him to keep his freshly-brewed coffee warm on the go. It is hands-down the best gift for caffeine enthusiasts.

7. A Really Cool Gift for Any Guy: A Mini Fridge - AstroAI

You may think he's impossible to shop for, but this Mini Fridge from AstroAI is bound to put a smile on anyone's face. It has just the right amount of space to keep drinks and snacks cool and is easy to install in a bedroom. 

So the next time your dude wants to enjoy his team’s football match, he’ll have his favorite snacks available right in the corner. Believe us; you can never go wrong with a mini-fridge.

8. Now I-type Instant Camera - Polaroid Originals

Now I-type instant camera Polaroid originals

The Now I-type Instant Camera from Polaroid Originals is the perfect gift for a man who likes to capture every moment in pictures. This instant camera will keep his favorite moments tangible and immortal. It comes in nine different colors, so there’s a Polaroid Now for every guy.

9. Lightweight French Terry Hoodie - Amazon Essentials

If you're on a budget, this Lightweight French Terry Hoodie from Amazon Essentials is a foolproof, affordable, and cool gift for the impossible guy. Trust us when we say this comfy and stylish hoodie will soon become a staple in his wardrobe. Plus, it comes in 23 different colors.

10. Monthly Sock And Underwear Subscription - Stance


Monthly Stock And Underwear Subscription


Any outfit can feel great when the first layer is comfy and stylish. So help your man stay stocked with the best undergarments and socks with this Monthly Sock And Underwear Subscription from Stance. Plus, he can change the subscription's size, frequency, and quantity anytime.

11. Insulated Beer Holder - Mark And Graham

We're sure he's probably wondered, "I wish there were a surefire way to keep my beer cold while I drink it." You can make his dream come true with this Insulated Beer Holder from Mark And Graham, which you can even personalize with his favorite NFL team.

12. Looking for a Truly Unique Gift? Try a Ukeg Go Carbonated Growler - Growlerwerks


Ukeg Go Carbonated Growler - Growlerwerks


No bro wouldn’t want beer on tap, available to him 24/7, and ready to be dispensed. This Ukeg Go Carbonated Growler from Growlerwerks is the perfect gift for such a man, as it infuses beer with CO2 to keep it crisp, fresh, and flavorful for weeks at a time.

13. What To Watch Streaming Decider Dice - Grilledinstl

Do you know a guy who can never decide on what to watch? We know—movie nights can take twice as long just trying to pick one of thousands of options. So help him eliminate the guesswork out of his next movie night with these What To Watch Streaming Decider Dice from Grilledinstl, a gadget that chooses the next movie for your friends or family night. 

14. Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven - Ooni

Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven - Ooni

If you know a man who likes to bake, this Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven from Ooni is bound to make his day, or even week. This gas-fueled pizza oven reaches the perfect pizza-making temperature in just 15 minutes, allowing the baker to practice his art quickly and deliciously.

15. Travel Laptop Backpack - Matein

On his special day, you can make traveling with his laptop much easier with this classic Travel Laptop Backpack from Matein. It's stylish, convenient, spacious, anti-theft, and has over 50,000 positive reviews on Amazon. What more could he want in a backpack?

16. Smart Alarm Clock - Loftie


Smart Alarm Clock - Loftie


This is the perfect alarm clock for men who have trouble falling asleep and even more trouble waking up. The Smart Alarm Clock from Loftie will mimic its owner’s natural waking process and display a dimmable nightlight all night. Plus, it even has bedtime stories for better sleep.

17. Sleep Aid Device - Dodow

Here's another unique gift option for the guy in your life that can never get a good night's sleep. The rhythmic light pattern of this Sleep Aid Device from Dodow will help him fight his insomnia and fall asleep faster.

18. 60-second Egg On a Bagel Maker - Maggy Ames


60-second Egg On a Bagel Maker - Maggy Ames


There’s no better gift than making your man’s morning more enjoyable and less tedious with this 60-second Egg On A Bagel Maker from Maggy Ames. Now he can make the perfect breakfast sandwich in just a few minutes, and it’s all thanks to you. PS: it’s microwavable.

19. Compact Turbofry Air Fryer - Chefman


Compact Turbofry Air Fryer - Chefman


Any man can benefit from an air fryer, and you should be the one to introduce him to this blessing. The Compact Turbofry Air Fryer from Chefman is the perfect space-saver and will kickstart his healthy cooking lifestyle.

20. Tie, Pocket Square, & Socks Gift Set - The Tie Bar X Mark & Graham

We're all too focused on buying statement pieces for our closets and forget to focus on the basics. This Tie, Pocket Square, & Socks Gift Set from The Tie Bar X Mark & Graham is the perfect gift to dress him neatly for his next business dinner.

21. Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Marshall

Know a guy who can't go anywhere without his favorite tunes? This Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Marshall sounds just as awesome as it looks, offering 360-degree sound with 20+ hours of playtime. So don't let the small size of these speakers fool you.

22. Self-Cleaning UV-C Water Bottle PureVis - Larq


Self-Cleaning UV-C Water Bottle PureVis - Larq


There’s no better gift than helping someone stay hydrated. This Self-Cleaning UV-C Water Bottle PureVis from Larq is the best way to start the day. The bottle eliminates 99% of bio-contaminants, such as E. coli, from the water for safety and functionality, all in one.

23. Airtag Keychain - Mark And Graham

We all know a guy who can't seem to stop losing his keys, especially at crucial moments. Well, this Airtag Keychain from Mark And Graham is the perfect solution. Now, he can instantly track his phone's keys and eliminate that "Oh, darn" moment.

24. Flaviar Spirits Club - Flaviar

Flaviar Spirits Club -  Flaviar

The Flaviar Spirits Club by Flaviar is a unique, digital drinking club with the coolest bottles, tastings, exclusive releases, events, and even some knowledge from the pros. This is the perfect gift for the guy that never wants to talk to a bartender again.

25. Dog Dad Gear Bundle - Dogs Rule

We all have that one ultimate dog dad who takes care of his puppy like his own son. This Dog Dad Gear Bundle from Dogs Rule is the perfect gift for the dog dad in your life. Once he finds out this gift helps homeless dogs in need, he'll be even happier.

26. Essential Compendium Of Dad Jokes - Chronicle Books

If you know a new dad, this Essential Compendium Of Dad Jokes from Chronicle Books will be one of the basic elements of his Dad Starter Pack. It also makes a great gift for a seasoned dad to add to his arsenal. 

27. Personalized Leather Cufflinks - Kingsleyleather


Personalized Leather Cufflinks - Kingsleyleather


Personalized gifts aren’t just thoughtful and sweet, but they’re also great for the receiver’s closet. These Personalized Leather Cufflinks from Kingsleyleather will definitely put a smile on his face, knowing he has personal cufflinks just like Bruce Wayne.

28. Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Service - Sunday

Take the weekend chores off his back by gifting him this Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Service from Sunday to keep his lawn trimmed and cleaned without putting in any effort.

29. The Iconics Kitchen Set - Material Kitchen


The Iconics Kitchen Set - Material Kitchen


Whether he knows his way around the kitchen or wants to jumpstart his culinary journey, The Iconics Kitchen Set from Material Kitchen is the perfect gift to help him do so. It has an 8-inch knife, 6-inch knife, 4-inch knife, tongs, a whisk, a sieve, a wooden spoon, a spatula, and a big spoon.

30. Personalized Whiskey Barrel - Uncommon Goods

It's a unique gift, but who doesn't want a whiskey barrel with their name on it? This Personalized Whiskey Barrel from Uncommon Goods is the perfect gift for the whiskey-loving guy in your life. The best part is that the barrel even ages the spirits to peak flavor.

31. Airpods With Wireless Charging Case - Apple

If your guy hasn't yet gotten his hands on some AirPods, help him complete his set of Apple gadgets by gifting him AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case from Apple, so he can take his music listening experience to the next level.

32. Clifton 8 Running Shoes - Hoka

Clifton 8 Running Shoes - Hoka

The Clifton 8 Running Shoes from Hoka are undoubtedly the best. If you know a man who likes to run, make his life easier with these comfy and versatile running shoes, and he’ll be wondering why he ever settled for anything else. (PS: they come in 14 different colors.)

33. Brew Bottle - Soma

Last but not least, you can give him this Brew Bottle from Soma to upgrade his coffee drinking habits. This bottle serves as a pour-over maker, a cold brew maker, a travel mug, and a tea steeper. Amazing, no?

These Unique Gift Ideas For Men Will Make Their Day, Whether Special Occasion or Just Because

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Whether the guys in your life want to learn how to start a fire without matches or start sleeping better, this list is full of cool, unique gifts for every type of man. So never worry when their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Father’s Day comes around; you'll know exactly what to get them.