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34 Practical & Useful Gifts for Men | Practical Gifts of the Guy Who Has Everything

Gift-giving can be pretty fun and easy since everyone has unique hobbies and interests that allow you to find the perfect gift for them, but what can be done about the guy who already has everything?

This is the perfect time to get creative and do something different; you want to make sure that your gift stands out from the rest and isn't just a lousy cologne he doesn't even need! Shopping for “the man who has everything” can be just about impossible, which is why you have to take the practical route.

It will be a thoughtful gift that stands out if you prioritize functionality and usefulness above appearances and prices. So take your pick from these 34 practical gifts for guys and wow them with your impressive gift-giving skills. From survival camping kits to foldable knives, this list has everything.


1. Emergency Survival Food Kit - Valley Food Storage

The 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit from Valley Food Storage is one of the coolest and most practical gifts for guys. Whether they're prepping for a food shortage or just going on a camping trip over the weekend, this emergency food kit has everything they need to keep them going.


2. Shiatsu Back Shoulder And Neck Massager - Mocuishle

No matter what type of guy you're shopping for, we're sure he's yearning for a way to relax his shoulder muscles. We don't blame him—the stress of everyday life can get to the best of us! The Shiatsu Back Shoulder And Neck Massager from Mocuishle is the best gift to help eliminate that tension.


3. Toiletry Bag For Men - Elviros

Any man would appreciate the convenience of a spacious toiletry bag with all the pockets he needs which can also store your bug out bag list. This Toiletry Bag For Men from Elviros is the perfect gift for the frequent traveler, allowing him to pack his essentials compactly and stylishly.


4. Oracle Red Bull Racing Sweatshirt - Formula 1

He'll appreciate this next gift if you know he likes to run on Red Bull for fuel. The Oracle Red Bull Racing Sweatshirt from Formula 1 will allow him to represent his favorite energy drink, while being ultra-comfy with its 65% Organic Cotton and 35% Polyester blend.


5. Urban Map Glass - Uncommon Goods

The Urban Map Glass from Uncommon Goods is unique to your guy's interests, making it one of the best practical gifts for a boyfriend. Now, he can look at Chicago, Michigan, or any other home away from home while enjoying his favorite whiskey. Plus, it makes really cool-looking decoration for his office or man-cave when not in use. This could also be included as of the checklist for some urban peppers.


6. Audio Sunglasses - Bose

We know you're thinking, “But he already has sunglasses!” Well he probably doesn’t have ones like these awesome Audio Sunglasses from Bose, sunnies and headphones all in one! So gift him these shades to add the perfect accessory to all his next outfits.


7. Beer Subscription - Craft Beer Club

What guy would ever say no to having 24/7 access to beer? This Beer Subscription from Craft Beer Club is a gift that goes above and beyond his expectations. Now, he receives the best beers at his doorstep for free whenever he wants!


8. Watch Club Gift Card - Watch Gang

If you want to buy him a watch but are afraid to guess what kind he’d like, look no further than Watch Gang. A Watch Club Gift Card from Watch Gang is the perfect way to help him pick out his watch style while still offering your thoughtfulness.


9. Magnetic Wristband For Holding Screws - Rak

Do you know a guy who works with screws and other small tools and bits? You're about to make his life a lot easier if you give him the Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws from Rak. It allows him to stick his nails and screws to the wristband while working, so he doesn't have to reach for them repeatedly.

10. Men's Leather Jacket - Hood Crew

If he doesn't already have a leather jacket in his closet, today is the perfect day to get him one. A classic leather jacket is a wardrobe staple every man should have, and the Men's Leather Jacket from Hood Crew serves as the perfect contender.


11. Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill - Maxi-Matic

Man or woman, everyone needs a non-stick pan in their life. This Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill from Maxi-Matic isn't just a non-stick pan—it's also an indoor grill, which means he never has to let the rain ruin his BBQ plans again. Bonus: it's dishwasher-safe!


12. Putting Green With Automatic Ball Return - Balancefrom

Guys with sports interests like football and basketball are pretty easy to shop for, but what about the ones who love golf? Clubs are super expensive, and it’s not like you can just give someone a golf course…or maybe you can. This Putting Green With Automatic Ball Return from Balancefrom is all he needs to perfect his putt game from home.

13. Freezable Glasses - Rabbit

If he loves beer, why should he have to settle for beer that turns lukewarm in the next minute? Make sure his beer stays cold even when poured out by gifting him these Freezable Glasses from Rabbit. He'll tell you every day—it's a game-changer!


14. Nitro 20V 2.1 Gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum - Worx

This is the perfect gift for the handyman who already has it all. Help him keep his house, garage, and driveway spotless, just the way he likes it, with the Nitro 20V 2.1 Gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum and Worx. With its cordless design, ability to clean wet or dry messes, 2-gallon capacity, and shoulder strap to easily carry wherever the mess takes him, trust us when we say there’s nothing it can’t clean up.


15. Genetic Ethnicity Test - AncestryDNA

If he's ever expressed wanting to know more about his family history, a Genetic Ethnicity Test from AncestryDNA will undoubtedly be the most thoughtful gift he can receive. When he's able to learn more about his heritage, he'll only have you to thank.


16. Morse Code Bracelet - Casouls

When it's time to find a gift for your boyfriend who has everything, you have to get creative. There's no gift more unique than these Morse Code Bracelets from Casouls, which will let you customize a secret message just for him, whether it simply says his name or something a little more personal.


17. Kindle - Amazon

An Amazon Kindle is the perfect practical gift, especially for the guy who always has his nose in a book. Now, he'll never have to wonder which book to take on the road trip, because he can store thousands of books on this one little device, and switch seamlessly between reading and listening—perfect for when he has to do a lot of driving.


18. Bottleloft Magnetic Strips For Beverage Bottles - Uncommon Goods

What gift could be more practical than one that helps him make space in his fridge? The Bottleloft Magnetic Strips For Beverage Bottles from Uncommon Goods will help him organize his fridge by sticking them on the top.


19. Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor - GilletteLabs

Know a guy who likes to keep his face clean shaven? With this Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor from GilletteLabs, he’ll be able to get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow with a hot towel shave feel every time.


20.Travel Laptop Backpack - Matein

Travel enthusiast or not, who wouldn't benefit from a good old laptop backpack? The Travel Laptop Backpack from Matein has all of the durability and space a man could need in his backpack, making this the ideal practical gift.


21. Echo Dot (4th Generation) With Clock - Amazon

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) With Clock is sure to impress. With smart home controls, interactive lights, and hands-free calling, this little sphere has every feature a guy could need in his clock—and more! Plus, it'll look classy on his bedside table.


22.Men's Subscription Box - Sprezzabox X Esquire

Having trouble choosing between several practical gifts for men? Why not give him everything in one box? The Men's Subscription Box from Sprezzabox X Esquire has everything he could need in a gift, such as watches, sunglasses, wallets, ties, socks, flasks, and more. This can also be your homestead gifts to any of your homestead friends.


23. Bicycle Multi-tool - Park Tool

If you know a guy who'd rather ride his bicycle than take care of a car, or is just really into cycling, the Bicycle Multi-tool from Park Tool is the best gift you can get for him. With various hex wrenches, multiple screwdrivers, and more, you'll make sure he's never left stranded with a faulty bike.


24. Rambler Bottle With Chug Cap - Yeti

He may have everything he needs, but did he ever invest in the best bottle he could have on hand 24/7? The Rambler Bottle With Chug Cap from Yeti is a simple gift, but it's incredibly useful. With its 46-oz capacity, he'll never stay dehydrated. It’s incredibly durable, leak-proof, highly customizable, keeps drinks hot or cold longer, and is dishwasher-safe—plus, the shatter-resistant Chug Cap is designed to help you quench your thirst faster than ever!


25. Heatloft Full-Zip Jacket - New Balance

Finding a jacket just right for the weather isn't easy, but you can make it easy for him. The Heatloft Full-Zip Jacket from New Balance will keep him warm but not overheated. It's fashionable and practical; what more could he need?


26. USB Wall Charger - Anker

We all know a guy whose phone always has a 1% battery. Now, he has no excuse for being unavailable when you give him this USB Wall Charger from Anker. With six different ports allowing him to keep his batteries flashing green, this gift is the most practical one of all.


27. IQ Self-empty Base Robot Vacuum - Shark

If there's any way you can make life easier for him, it's with this IQ Self-empty Base Robot Vacuum from Shark. He'll be eternally grateful to you when he finds out he never has to manually vacuum his floors or empty the vacuum ever again!


28. Wireless Charger Stand - Ciyoyo

Help him declutter the mess of chargers and devices on his nightstand by giving him this Wireless Charger Stand from Ciyoyo. With wireless charging pads for his iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, you can minimize his charging space to one sleek stand.


29. AirFly Pro - Twelve South

When watching in-flight entertainment or on the treadmill, it can be a bummer for those that don't have wired earphones. Now, you can help him enjoy wireless entertainment with the Airfly Pro from Twelve South, which connects to any audio jack and offers a Bluetooth connection for his Airpods.


30. Portable Campfire - Radiate

If he's a fan of road trips and camping trips, the Portable Campfire from Radiate will make things a lot easier for him. Now, he'll never have to lug firewood to the campsite when he can have the same experience by lighting his portable campfire with a matchstick.


31. 11-in-1 Credit Card Tool - Guardman

The 11-in-1 Credit Card Tool from Guardman is the epitome of practicality and is designed to be stored conveniently in your wallet like a credit card. It features a survival knife, a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, a ruler, various wrenches, a saw blade, an auxiliary direction indication, and more.


32. Tile Pro - Tile

If the guy in your life is quite forgetful, the Tile Pro is definitely the best gift you can give him. With a mobile app helping him track his lost phone, keys, or wallet, he'll never again have to wonder whether he left it on the couch or in the kitchen.


33. Colossal Blade - Steel River Knife Company

If survival is his top priority in any situation, the Colossal Blade from Steel River is bound to put a smile on his face. With a solid blade and rubberized handle, the Colossal Blade is a welcome addition to any outdoor adventure.


34. MC-2G Navigator Compass - Suunto

A GPS system may be useful, but it's not exactly reliable, considering that batteries die in extreme weather conditions. The highly precise MC-2G Navigator Compass from Suunto will never disappoint him when he wants to be pointed in the right direction.



When looking for practical gifts for the man who has everything, you'll find that he'll appreciate a practical present that will help him in the future more than an aesthetic or flashy gift that he doesn't really need.

survival guide download

If your gifts are able to teach him survival techniques such as how to start a fire without matches, how to fix your bike, or how to store water, you've hit the nail right on the head. Take inspiration from our list of 34 unique gifts for men and impress them with your practical gift-giving skills.