31 Gifts for Homesteaders in Your Life That They'll Actually Use

June 15, 2022 10 min read

31 Gifts for Homesteaders in Your Life That They'll Actually Use

Finding the best gifts for homesteaders can be a little tricky. They tend to be a pretty self-reliant group! But there is actually a wide range of homestead useful gifts for men out there, making it hard to choose the most appropriate one. To help you out, we’ve compiled an extensive list of 31 fantastic homestead gift ideas. So let’s see what we’ve got a cool gifts for guys!

1.     Knitting Needle Set for a True Homesteader by Clover


knitting needles set gifts for homesteaders


Knitting needles are great tools for homesteaders, as they allow them to prepare for the impending winter. This knitting needle set comes with several different sizes, perfect for working on any kind of knitting project. The set is sold with a traveling case, which adds even more convenience.

2.     Homesteader Milking Pail


milking pail homestead gifts


This high-quality milking pail is among the best Christmas gifts for homesteaders who are ready for an upgrade. A milking pail is great to have when your homesteading friend is raising cows or goats. A nice milking pail ensures better sanitation and ease of use. No doubt, this little milking pail could serve as an amazing gift.

3.     Valley Food Storage 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit

72-Hour Emergency Kit 72 Hour Kit | Buy a 72 Hour Emergency Kit Online From Valley Food Storage

72-Hour Emergency Kit

CDC Recommends At Least 3 Days Of Emergency Food Per Person. The Valley Food Storage 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit provides you with 1,800 calories per day for 3 days. Whether you're planning your next great adventure or preparing for an unplanned emergency, you'll be supplied with great-tasting and ready-made food...

This 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit by Valley Food Storage offers sufficient

minimum calories to survive or getting the energy for 3 days (1,800 calories per day). It would be a great option whether you are preparing for an emergency or going out on an adventure. This emergency food kit is surprisingly delicious with simple, nutritious, and GMO-free ingredients. Plus, the 25-year shelf life is impressive too.

4.     Homestead Soap Making Kit by Delabee


soap making kit homestead gift ideas


With this soap-making kit, you can easily create homemade soaps and other bathing products. The kit comes with all the essential edc items required for making four different types of soaps, and you can reuse the molds multiple times. So, this soap-making kit is a great option when looking for homestead gift ideas, especially since soaps are such a common extra revenue stream for homesteaders.

5.     The Nourished Kitchen, by Jennifer McGruther


book homestead gift ideas


This particular book serves as the perfect guide for those who are concerned about the nutritional value of their food. The book focuses on a rich and traditional style of cooking that still provides all the nutrients a growing body needs. The Nourished Kitchen teaches you various techniques to make the best use of homesteading staples.

6.     Homesteader Butter Molds


butter molds homestead gifts


These unique butter molds can be one of the best Christmas gifts for homesteaders. It makes it easy to create wonderful butter molds that add a unique extra touch. These include bird, beechwood, and sheep shaped butter molds. Butter molded into different shapes looks amazing and adds value to your breakfast table.

7.     JANOME Off-Grid Sewing Machine


sewing machine homestead gifts


This particular sewing machine is specifically designed for off-grid living, so your homesteading friend can work on sewing projects without relying on a power source. This traditional style sewing machine is easy to use. You can learn the basic operating procedure within a few minutes. Janome's off-grid sewing machine claims to be just as efficient as any electric machine.

8.     Homesteading Lamplight Oil Lamps


oil lamp homestead gifts


Although it sounds outdated, an oil lamp is a necessity when you are living an off-grid lifestyle, or even when living in places with inconsistent electricity or can use this to light the fire when cooking without electricity. An oil lamp is easy to use and modern ones are safe too. If there is a power outage or the batteries of your flashlight have died, you can rely on conventional oil lamps like this Lamplight oil lamp. Nowadays, these lamps use smokeless Paraffin for fuel. Thus, you won’t face an issue regarding the air quality of your off-grid cabin.

9.     Yogurt Maker by Sutech


yogurt maker Christmas gifts for homesteaders


A yogurt maker is a real stand-out gift among the other homestead gifts. This appliance is super useful when you need to make a large quantity of healthy, probiotic yogurt. Using this yogurt maker, making high quality and delicious yogurt is easy, as you just need to follow a couple of simple steps. With this gift, your homesteading friend will remember you everytime they enjoy the taste of fresh, delicious yogurt.

10.COSORI Dehydrator: A Perfect Christmas Gift for Homesteader


Dehydrator Christmas gifts for homesteaders


If you are in search of gifts for homesteaders, a COSORI dehydrator can prove to be a terrific option to consider. Especially when living an off-grid lifestyle, ancient food preservation method is the key to survival. There are certain foods that you can’t freeze or dry in the sunlight. A dehydrator can resolve this issue. This appliance allows you to preserve food by creating shelf-stable staples without losing their nutritional value and taste.

11.Sewing Kit Wooden Box by Crafton


sewing kit box Christmas gifts for homesteaders


This is one of the most unique homestead gift ideas. You can send this curated collection of sewing tools to a homesteading friend of yours. All the tools are organized for convenient access to each tool. These tools would help your homesteading friend to improve their always-in-demand sewing skills.

12. BOGS Clandestine Trail Camera


trail camera gifts for homesteaders


This trail camera allows a homesteader to monitor what is happening around their property, even when they can’t be there. Apart from this, it serves as a great tool for survival camping. It has powerful motion-detecting sensors, providing a 120-degree view. Its night vision feature ensures quality images even during pitch-black conditions. The recorded video is stored on an SD card for easy access. This allows you to view even a week-old video of the homestead, whether you're watching for bears or human visitors.

13.Personal Hot Water Bottle


hot water bottle gifts for homesteaders


A hot water bottle by Samply is one of the perfect gifts for homesteaders. It can be used to keep the bed warm or to treat sore muscles. So your homesteading friend won’t need to face the worst part of freezing and chilling nights—crawling into a cold bed! Its knitted cover acts as an insulator, keeping the bottle warm for hours.

14.Pasta Maker by Marcato


pasta maker gifts for homesteaders


This pasta maker by Markcato will be an awesome gift for homesteaders. With a pasta maker, you can make a large quantity of pasta without hassle. Handmade pasta is not only fresh and delicious, but cheaper too. If you are wondering how to survive inflation, trying to be self-sufficient in terms of food production is a great start. No doubt, a pasta maker can help you achieve this goal.

15.Milky Homestead Pasteurizer


pasteurizer homestead gifts


For a homesteading friend of yours who owns cows or other dairy animals, owning a pasteurizer is more than essential. This particular milk pasteurizer ensures milk safety while being convenient to use. After pasteurization, not only does the shelf life of the milk  increase, but so do your chances of not getting sick. A homestead pasteurizer, capable of processing nearly 2 gallons of milk at a time, makes it a breeze.

16.Exaco Cold Frame: An Ideal Homesteader Gift Idea


cold frame homestead gifts


This particular idea is one of the best homestead gifts for gardening enthusiasts. Setting up the Exaco cold frame is easy; you can either use it against a building or have it stand alone out in the yard. It keeps the temperature cozy enough for the plants or seedlings to grow and flourish during chilly days, giving a great head start on the growing season.

17. Homestead Survival Seed Kit


seed kit homestead gifts


This seed survival kit ensures peace of mind, as you can start over again if your homestead garden is hit by a disaster. This kit contains a huge selection of plant seeds, making a genuinely useful gift. By following the instructions, you can store them so they’re ready to go in an emergency. The seed bank is a sustainable and recommended option for survival gardening.

18.Seedmaster Sprouter Tray by LeJoy Garden


sprouter tray Christmas gifts for homesteaders


If a homesteading friend of yours loves gardening, a seed sprouter tray can be the perfect gift. It helps you to grow all types of fresh sprouts, which can give them a terrific nutritional boost. The design of this Seedmaster Sprouter Tray allows for growing healthy sprouts for salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. This particular sprouter tray is made of BPA-free materials and can be used multiple times with all different varieties of seeds.

19.Instant Pot for every Homesteader


instant pot Christmas gifts for homesteaders


An electric cooking pot makes cooking a lot easier. A good instant pot makes sure everything is cooked evenly and quickly, resulting in delicious food. Instant pots can be used for a variety of purposes. And when you add in some accessories, the instant pot gets even more useful. These instant pots even consume less electricity compared to cooking with a conventional electric stove. With all these amazing features, an instant pot can be a great option when you are looking for Christmas gifts for homesteaders.

20.Dewalt Heated Jacket


heated jacket Christmas gifts for homesteaders


This heated jacket by Dewalt is one of the best gift ideas you can think of for homesteaders in frigid areas. It is a gift of warmth, which any homesteader would love to wear during chilly winter mornings. The jacket works with rechargeable 12V batteries, and comes with a wind- and water-resistant cover to keep it warm longer and keep you comfortable. 

21.Smartwool Socks


smartwool socks homestead gift ideas


A pair of socks might not, at first glance, fit among your list of homestead gifts. However, this isn’t the case, as wool socks can turn out to be a great companion for homesteaders when they need to go out during chilly mornings. Smartwool socks are durable and comfortable to wear. These socks provide necessary insulation and keep your feet warm even in freezing conditions. After all, happy feet make for happy homesteaders.

22.Northern Brewer Beer Making Kit


beer making kit homestead gift ideas


For anyone who loves self-reliance, brewing your own beer is an exciting idea. Thus, a beer-making kit by Northern Brewer can be one of the best gifts for homesteaders. With this kit, you can easily learn to brew your own beer. The kit offers everything that is required for brewing, and it can brew over five gallons of beer. If your homesteading friend has learned how to store water, fresh rainwater can make an even cooler finished product!

23.Essential Oil Purse for a Homesteader


purse homestead gift ideas


Traveling with essential oils can be tricky. This is because fragile glass bottles can easily break and create a mess. These oils are expensive too. To avoid this, you can use an essential oil purse or pouch. With its padded protection, you can carry multiple bottles without fear of breaking them. This creates the perfect opportunity for a unique homestead gift idea for people looking after their own health.

24.Stovetop Waffle Iron


waffle iron homestead gift ideas


Most of us dream about the smell and taste of a freshly baked waffle. So a waffle iron like this Stovetop Waffle Iron can be a viable choice when looking for Christmas gifts for homesteaders. In addition, this waffle iron is perfect for an off-grid lifestyle since it works over any gas stove or even a wood fire.

25.Wondermill Grain Grinder


grain grinder homestead gift ideas


If you are looking for homestead gifts for your friends or family members, the Wondermill grain grinder can be an awesome choice. It is a much-needed tool that can help a homesteader grind all sorts of grains. Wondermill’s grain grinder can grind more than 100 pounds of grain within an hour. Freshly ground grains offer the best possible flavor and taste, and whole grains store a lot better. Chances are that the homesteader in your life is already grinding grain with an inferior mill or even a hand grinder, making this upgrade the perfect homesteading gift.

26.KitchenAid Mixer


mixer homestead gift ideas


An original KitchenAid Mixer is among the best gifts for homesteaders. When paired with its versatile accessories, it serves as a great tool for performing a variety of tasks including mixing, dicing, shredding, grinding, and more. This Mixer comes in handy when you have to prepare food quickly and efficiently.

27.Cultures for Health Ultimate Cheese Making Kits


cheese making kits homestead gift ideas


These cheese-making kits can serve as one of the best homestead gifts. Making cheese with this kit is so easy that even a novice can use it without any previous experience. It comes with a variety of essential ingredients for making various types of cheese, depending on which cheese kit you select. Now your homesteading friend can enjoy the true flavors of homemade cheese, which is especially useful for any dairy producing farm!

28.La Chamba Stew Pot


stew pots gifts for homesteaders


No doubt, clay pots were the first tools used by humans to cook food, after the invention of the stick, of course. Even in this era of technology and advancement, these pots are still useful. La Chamba Stew Pot, which is made of unglazed clay, is a perfect example. This pot is free from any kind of toxins, can be used on any stove or grill, and the food cooked in these pots comes out tender, juicy, and full of flavor. 

29.Laura’s Green Kitchen Breadbox


breadbox homestead gifts


This unique and traditional-looking breadbox can be a fantastic option when looking for the right gifts for homesteaders. A breadbox can increase the shelf life of fresh bread and other homemade bakery items. Plus, these boxes are so cute, they add the perfect aesthetic touch to almost every homestead countertop. 

30.Ashford Spinning Wheel


spinning wheel homestead gifts


For a homesteader, relying on natural resources is the key to survival. If you have a friend who is interested in raising sheep, or even Angora rabbits, and using their fur, you can surprise them with this spinning wheel by Ashford. With this spinning wheel, anyone can start making thread or yarn and produce their own clothing—another great homesteading revenue stream. The design is traditional and simple, giving it a timeless look.

31. Long Term Food Kit

175 Serving Long Term Food Kit From Valley Food Storage

175 Serving Long Term Food Kit

The Valley Food Storage Long-Term Emergency Food Kit puts quality first. Packed with a wide variety of hearty and wholesome breakfasts, entrees, and essential proteins, this Kit will fuel you with high-quality calories to keep you alert and energized when you need it most. We don't waste any servings or...

This 70 serving food kit by Valley Food Storage comes with the most popular selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although referred to as survival food, Valley Foods offers clean, simple nutrition with a 25 year shelf life. It can stand out among other gifts for homesteaders by giving the gift of security. This bucket contains simple, nutritious, and non-GMO ingredients.

Final Thoughts

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After going through our list of the best gifts for homesteaders, it won’t be hard for you to find a suitable gift for your friend or family member. The homesteading tools and accessories listed above are highly recommended, and if you’re looking to start into the homesteading lifestyle yourself, check out our article about living in one of the best states for off grid living. If you have any additional ideas, we’d love to hear about them over on the Valley Food Storage Facebook Page.