Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket

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All your favorite freeze dried vegetables in one easy to use bucket. Get a great variety of delicious veggies you can use in smoothies, dinners, salads or even just for snacking. These are perfect for any occasion and are ready for you to order today, don't wait get yours now!

Each vegetable is conveniently packaged in mylar bags that contain oxygen absorbers and they come stored in a food grade bucket for easy transportation. Since these are packaged for long term, you can get up to 25 year shelf life. That means you can have fresh vegetables for your family should the need ever arise.

Freeze dried vegetables are very easy to use. They can be eaten straight out of the packaging for a healthy snack or used in recipes by rehydrating in warm water for several minutes. Once softened they can be added to soups, smoothies, casseroles and more!

Vegetables are essential in any diet to help keep you healthy and strong. Having a variety of vegetables helps to provide you with vitamins and minerals. The Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket is a great addition to any food storage. Get yours today!

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    This came to me from the first time and I have recently begun ordering directly from Valley. Freeze dried vegetables do not spoil; when you add water they come back looking and tasting better than most dehydrated, and it’s a higher quality that my finicky cook enjoys working with. If you want to sneak veggies into your kid’s food, you can pulse it in the blender and add to mac and cheese, or salsa! We love that older people can avoid all the chopping and the high prices of pre-cut vegetables that have a short life! The bags are a perfect size and tote is reusable. Great for the environment. Valley Food Storage makes the best FD vegetables I have ever tasted and I use them up every month!

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