Why Valley Food

Why Buy from Us?

We think it is important in this day and age to take a stand for what you believe in.  You have a lot of choices when shopping online and we feel that it’s important for you to know what we believe in.

We believe that we could all be a little better prepared with an emergency food supply.  We also know that if you are fortunate enough to never have an emergency that you should store food you’ll love to eat!  Read our label and you will simply find clean ingredients.  No preservatives. No GMOs. No hydrogenated oils. No artificial colors or flavors.  No Fillers Ever - just nutritious wholesome food that is ready for dinner tonight or long-term storage so that you can be ready for anything.

We believe that taste matters.  Sample any of our proprietary recipes and we think you’ll agree that the home cooked taste is second only to what mom used to make.

We believe in storing high-quality nutritious food.  Call us for a free sample - we are confident you’ll be able to taste the difference!

We believe that shopping for long-term food storage should be easy, fun, and affordable.  We have the simplest, easiest shopping experience to browse our products - calories per dollar.  We take preparedness seriously but ourselves not seriously at all - this is why you’ll find educational and entertaining content on our blog and tons of special offers and savings in our emails.  We offer Subscribe-and-Save options, Financing Options, and our Loyalty Program - The Family Table - all of this is to make for the best possible online shopping experience.

We believe in standing behind our product.  Read our satisfaction guarantee.  It is written in plain english and that we’re happy to honor it every day.

We believe in self-reliance, emergency preparedness, nutrition education, and transparency.  That’s why you’ll find our blog full of practical emergency preparedness advice, industry research, nutrition data, and behind the scenes content from VFS.  Our customers are our family and we want to keep you up to date on happenings here at the company!

We believe in giving back.  Our Second Helping program is our way helping those in need.  

We welcome you to join the Valley Food Family.  You can start today by subscribing to our email list for great content and incredible savings or by calling us for a sample order.  We are glad you are here and can’t wait to have you at our Family Table.