Camping Survival - Everything You Need In Your Camping Kit

August 09, 2021 1 min read

camping survival

Schmitty makes his final appearance as host of the Practical Prepper Podcast. And, to celebrate the occasion, he discusses the barest of survival camping instructions, what you need to pack in your camping backpack.

Imagine this for me if you will… You’re lost in the woods. Nighttime is coming.

For hours, You’ve been hiking aimlessly trying to make it to safety.

You're cold. You’re hungry, both of your legs are broken, and you can hear the growling sound of black bears and arctic wolves arguing over which parts of you will be their dinner tonight.

In your last attempt of desperation, You look up to the sky, searching for the north star.

All you want to do is wish for a miracle, but it’s overcast tonight, and not a single star can be wished upon.

As you hear the beast’s footsteps drawing near. You clench onto a small stick and wonder where you went so wrong.

Only if you had known how to pack a proper survival kit beforehand!

Then this camping trip would have been a great success.

But now, everyone will know that you didn’t know how to properly prepare for the great outdoors and they will chuckle at your name.

Listen to the podcast to learn everything you need in your camping kit now!