What To Stock Up In 2022? | Which Food Shortages Can We Expect in 2022?

February 02, 2022 9 min read

Grocery Shortages 2022

As we move into 2022, we look at the coming year with optimism. Businesses have reopened and we are shifting back to normal life.

Unfortunately that shift isn't happening overnight. Experts predict that the shift back to normal will be slow and grueling in the coming year.

Experts also predict that shortages and supply chain issues will continue throughout 2022. This means more frantic shoppers, more panic buying and more empty shelves.

Luckily for you, we know exactly how to prepare for these shortages before they happen.


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What to stock up on in 2022

Prepping is the only way to protect yourself from shortages in 2022, as well as preparing for inflation. With products already in short supply, January is the time to start stocking up before the shelves are empty.

We cannot predict for certain what products will be available in stores but, we can come close.

By looking at the trends and news from 2021 we have discovered the products you should be stocking up on in January 2022.

Stock up on Canned Food

In 2021 we saw steel skyrocket to prices comparable to 2008. The price surge came after demand for steel exploded in 2021.

At the same time, Chinese manufacturers reduced production to meet new energy regulations. This created the perfect storm for a steel shortage across all industries.

What about 2022, will steel still be in short supply?

Unfortunately yes, and it doesn't seem that the shortage will disappear anytime soon. With 4-6 months delivery delays, more and more businesses are unable to produce steel products.

During the start of 2021 canned foods flew off shelves as consumers panicked. While they don't have the shelf life of a 25 year shelf life food supply, canned food is easier to get.

This left canned food companies scrambling to meet demand and source raw materials. The steel shortage only made things worse for canned food companies as they struggled to source enough steel to meet demands.

Canned food suppliers are hoping to catch up to demand in 2022 but, with 4-6 month lead times on steel, can suppliers are not optimistic.

So what can you do to start prepping?

We recommend stocking up on alternatives like our emergency food kits. Freeze dried foods can replace any canned food and are often made with cleaner ingredients!

You can find clean freeze dried food storage at Valley Food Storage, which is great because canned food isn't the healthiest or best survival food.


Aluminum Can Shortage Possible This Year

When the pandemic started, the candemic followed right behind.

Throughout 2020 many realized it was cheaper to drink beverages at home causing a surge in demand for aluminum cans. To make things worse, the popularity of seltzers created even more demand for aluminum cans.

As demand rose the production of aluminum cans started to shrink due to Chinese energy regulations. The increase in demand and lack of supply caused the price of aluminum cans to spike to ten year highs.

Even at max production aluminum can producers and still couldn't meet demand. This caused producers to make investments into their production lines for late 2022.

Does this mean no aluminum cans in 2022?

The short answer is no, but your favorite beverages might be unavailable in 2022. Beverage companies have a stockpile of aluminum cans, but their stockpile is becoming dangerously low.

Because of this beverage companies are allocating their aluminum cans to their most popular products. So, your favorite beverages might not be on the shelves this January. 

Although many of us can survive without canned beverages, why would you want to? We sure don’t, so we are stocking up on all our favorite canned beverages and we recommend you do the same. 

Women Buying Water Due to Bottled Water Shortage

Stock up on Bottled Water

We all watched paper products disappear from shelves overnight in 2020.

Stores limited purchases of toilet paper to try and keep some inventory in stock. This sent consumers into a frenzy causing them to buy as much toilet paper as they could.

In 2021 we saw paper products return to shelves and buying limits lifted. Yet, this did not mark the end of the shortages to come and we began to see products made from petrochemicals disappear.

Petrochemical companies stopped production when the world shut down. This left these companies empty handed when production restarted and demand soared.

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We are now starting to see the effects of the shutdown as petrochemical companies struggle to meet increased demand.

Bottled water is one of the petrochemical products that has been most affected by the shortage. Retail giants like Costo are now setting limits on how much bottled water consumers can buy.

As more stores follow in Costo’s footsteps, stocking up on bottled water becomes more urgent. We have already seen how products like toilet paper can disappear once limits are set.

Unlike Canned beverages, we can not live without water, even if we wanted to. By stocking up on bottled water in 2022, you can beat the frenzy of consumers as the shortage gets worse.

Consumer Batteries might be in short supply in 2022

Stock up on Batteries for 2022

Popularity of electric vehicles is increasing yearly and expected to triple by 2026. Emissions regulations might also cause demand for electric vehicles to beat current predictions.

Joe Biden has already committed the United States government to net zero emissions. This commitment plans to make all government vehicles Electric by 2035.

The increased popularity of electric vehicles is causing major strain on the lithium industry. The strain stems from the large lithium batteries that electric vehicles need to run.

As the electric vehicle industry grows sourcing lithium is becoming harder to source. Lithium demand is now rising at such an alarming rate and consumer products are starting to be affected.

Consumer batteries like AA and AAA batteries are the first to feel the effects. These batteries require lithium and aluminum to be produced which are both in short supply.

And, we know exactly where this trend is leading us, straight into a battery shortage. 

Manufacturing companies are already allocating less resources to consumer battery production. So stock up now before the panic buyers start their frenzy and batteries become available. 

Buying Pork during a shortage

Pork and Bacon Shortage

In 2020 the shut down of the economy took farmers by surprise. Restaurants, schools and event centers were all forced to close down.

These industries purchased a large portion of the crops and livestock produced. With fewer buyers, farmers had a surplus of crops and livestock that would never make it to market.

This left farmers with very few options other than to dispose of their surplus. This meant dumping thousands of gallons of milk, slaughtering livestock and destroying crops.

When farmers slaughtered their livestock thousands of pounds of pork disappeared from the economy. It took over a year for the pork industry to start to recover in 2021 But, the industry faced new problems that same year.

New California legislation now regulates anyone who provides meat to the state. The new regulations focus on the humane treatment of livestock and require more space for livestock forcing farmers to produce less pork.

Currently, the regulations are on hold after pork producers filed lawsuits. Yet, it's likely the lawsuits will only delay enforcement with 2:1 voter support for the legislation.

Once enforced these new regulations are expected to cause pork shortages across the country. Farmers are already unable to meet current demand after the pandemic and enforcement of the regulations will cause farmers to fall further behind.

Waiting until after an enforcement ruling is made on the legislation will be too late. Price increases will already be taking place and shortages will begin to pop up like wildfire.

Because of these concerns we will be stocking up on pork products for 2022 and we recommend you do the same. 

Buying Eggs

Poultry and Eggs in 2022

Like California, Massachusetts has implemented its own humane treatment of animals legislation. Massachusetts lawmakers recently passed regulations that increased the space required for hen and chicken pens.

If poultry producers don’t meet new standards they will not be able sell in Massachusetts. These new regulations take effect on January 1st 2021 but, poultry producers claim they need more time to meet the regulation standards and it looks like they may not be ready by 2022.

These legislations have shaken the unprepared poultry industry. If they are not given more time, Massachusetts will lose 90% of their egg supply.

More and more states are passing humane treatment of animals legislation in 2022. The poultry industry has said it themselves, they are not prepared to meet new regulations.


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As poultry producers attempt to meet regulations, shortages will occur in any state. Along with the shortages, the price of eggs will rise to accommodate them being less profitable. 

States who enforce these regulations will see massive shortages on eggs and chicken. Stocking up now will provide a safety net as the poultry industry adjusts to the new regulations.

Buying Milk in 2022

Potential Milk Shortage in 2022

The reopening of schools, restaurants, and event centers created a surge in demand for dairy products.

Farmers needed to produce more dairy than ever before. Yet, they were experiencing their own supply chain issues.

Pharmaceuticals for cows and other livestock became difficult for farmers to find in 2021. This caused cattle numbers across the country to start dropping.

According to USDA Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook, dairy production in 2021 was much lower than previous years. With no sign of dairy production increasing, we predict dairy shortages throughout 2022.

Since we do not have a set date for when the cow pharmaceuticals shortage will end, we will be stocking up on dairy products in January. 

But, milk has a short shelf life right?

Yes, but you can extend the shelf life by freezing your dairy products. When you freeze dairy products you can increase the shelf life to 6 months.

So, buy your dairy products now and put them in your freezer to prepare for the shortages to come in 2022. Of course, if you need dairy free emergency food, we have you covered too!

Buying Pasta might be hard during a 2022 wheat shortage

Wheat Shortage Due to the War in Ukraine

The outlook for wheat production in 2022 is grim. Farmers are experiencing many roadblocks that are affecting their wheat crop.

A majority of wheat crops have experienced droughts throughout December 2021. This puts half of the domestic wheat crop at risk of not making it to harvest in 2022.

On top of the droughts farmers are also planting less wheat than ever before. Because of increased fertilizer prices from shortages, farmers are deciding to plant more profitable crops.

With less wheat being planted and the potential to lose over half of the crop, now is the time to stock up on wheat products. Wheat products like pasta are a great idea to store because of their long shelf life.

Of course, this is all before the effects of the war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine produce 15% of the world's wheat, and wheat makes up about 1/3 of the world's minimum calories to survive. With both countries projected to produce very little wheat, Ukraine because of the invasion and Russia because of sanctions, we expect wheat to be quite expensive.

Waiting to see if the wheat crop will make it through the drought and the war will be too late. Stocking up now while you can will let you beat the panic buyers who were not informed.

prepper Checklist for a potential shortage

Evergreen Prepper Products for 2022 and Beyond

Although these items are not in short supply you should still stock up on these evergreen prepper products every year.

Stocking up on these products will prepare you for the uncertainty that comes with a new year. Especially in a year like 2022 when none of us truly know what will happen in the coming year.

Buying Garden Seeds will help any food shortage

Buy Your Garden Seeds

The first thing we recommend you stock up on in 2022 is garden seeds.

Stocking up on garden seeds at the beginning of the year gives you a safety net against food shortages.

You will also have more time to plan your garden before spring. This will ensure that you plant your garden on time and in a methodical manner to maximize your harvest.

We recommend that you buy the seeds you intend to plant for the year as well as emergency survival seeds. Stocking up on emergency survival seeds creates a safety net in case of emergencies or the death of your garden.


Emergency Food Storage

Food Stock for 2022

The next evergreen prepper product you should be stocking up on in 2022 is your long term food storage buckets.

Food stock should consist of freeze dried food that you don't intend to eat except in emergencies.

Already have a food stock? Then you should take some time in 2022 to audit your stock. Auditing your stock lets you know what inventory you have and how long it will last.

If you do not think your stock will last long enough, January gives you an opportunity to replenish or increase emergency food.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits

Keeping a full first aid kit is crucial for emergencies.

Over a year, you have likely used some of the items in your first aid kit. The last thing you want to realize is that you are missing items from your first aid kit when crisis strikes.

In January we recommend you take time to look through your first aid kits to see what is missing. You can do this by reviewing a first aid kit checklist and seeing what is missing from your kit.

Once you know what what is missing we advise replacing the missing items and buying extra to avoid taking from your kit over the coming year.