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The 21 Best Gifts for Survivalists & Preppers in Your Life


Finding gifts for preppers can be tricky. It’s in their nature to always be prepared, so most survivalists and preppers are notorious for already having it all. 


However, we’ve worked with a lot of very prepared people over the years, and we have a few ideas you may not have seen yet! There is a variety of functional prepper gifts that won’t just collect dust or be re-gifted the following year. To help you brainstorm, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best gifts for survivalists. 


Keep reading for some gift-giving ideas for this holiday season. 


21 Survivalist and Prepper Gifts

Finding gifts for survivalists and preppers can be quite the chore. Let us help! Here are 21 gift ideas that survivalists and preppers cannot say no to. 

Steel River Multi-Tool

Having a garage full of tools is a wonderful luxury. But if you are bugging out, why would you want to take up valuable space with a bunch of bulky, heavy tools? Instead, you will want to bring a single hyper-versatile tool with you. 


The Steel River Multi-Tool is the perfect pocket-friendly multi-tool that will help you get the job done, whatever it is. It’s lightweight, packable, and boasts over 10 different tools that any prepper will be glad to have. 

Solar Panel Charger

Power outages and blackouts are unfortunate consequences of natural disasters. But just because the power grid is disabled does not mean you need to lose access to power. With a160-watt solar panel, you can harness the sun's power to keep all your devices charged and ready to go. And since you can add new solar panels to most systems indefinitely, it’s a perfect gift for preppers who have everything.

Tough Grid Paracord


paracord as gifts for preppers


When we think ofbug-out bags and everyday carry essentials, we cannot help but think ofTough Grid Paracord. Paracord is a highly versatile tool perfect for hiking, camping, surviving, sheltering in place, and paracord crafting. 


We especially like the Tough Grid Paracord because it can be bought in bulk amounts directly off the spool, is extremely strong, and, most importantly, is made in the United States of America.    

Food Dehydrator

If you know anything about preppers or survivalists, then you know they love to preserve their food. They are always thinking one step ahead. For example, if there is extra harvest from the survival garden, they are bound to pickle or can it, stash it away in the root cellar, or better yet, dehydrate it for later usage. 


Dehydrating food has been proven to be an effective way to extend the shelf life of certain foods without losing any nutritional value. For that reason, we think the dehydrator fromMagic Mill Food makes the perfect gift for the tech savvy prepper.  

Freeze Drying Machine

If you have a larger budget, or if your gift recipient is extra special, then you might consider a freeze drying machine. At-home freeze dryers, like the machines fromHarvest Right, are an effective way to lengthen the shelf life of your favorite foods. 


When it comes to preserving food, we are all for self-reliance. However, the machines are expensive and the process can be long and labor-intensive. For that reason, if at-home freeze drying sounds unattractive, you can alwayspay us a visit for all your freeze-dried food necessities.  

First Aid Kit


first aid kit as gifts for preppers


During a serious emergency, hospitals and healthcare providers may become overwhelmed and unable to provide care. Therefore, we cannot speak enough about the importance of having a first aid kit at your home, in your vehicles, and packed into your bug-out bags. 


That is why first aid kits or first aid supplies make such perfect gifts for survivalists. But if you prefer giving an experience, you can always check outfirst aid and CPR classes with the Red Cross. There is bound to be a class nearby that can give you a legitimate certification upon successful completion of the course. 

Water Storage Containers

In a survival situation, shelter should be your number one priority. After securing a safe shelter to protect you from the elements, water should be your second most important survival priority. Therefore,stackable water storage containers are one of the most functional survival gifts we can think of. 


Gifting water storage containers may not sound super exciting, but for the correct type of self-reliant person, it’s one of the best gifts for preppers.      

Freeze Dried Food

No prepper pantry is complete without a copious amount of freeze-driedsurvival food. Professional and commercially-made freeze-dried food is well beyond anything you can make at home—the shelf life isat least 25 years! There’s never enough survival food, another great survivalist gift!


Raynic Emergency Radio

Staying connected during and after a natural disaster or emergency can make the difference between receiving the important news you require to survive or remaining out of the loop. Therefore,the Raynic Radio is the tool every prepper should have.


The Raynic radio can be powered in five different ways: solar power, crank hand power, USB, AAA battery, or with the rechargeable battery included inside.  

Water Filtration System

Unfortunately, there may come a time when your municipal water source becomes unreliable; or you may find yourself bugging out and in need of water without a spigot. That’s why every good survivalist should have a plan for drinking water from lakes, rivers, streams, and puddles.


Filtering water is like making fire—we recommend having multiple techniques and tools prepared ahead of time, so you can filter in practically any scenario. Belore are some of our top recommended water filtration systems for camping, travel, and emergency preparedness.


Heirloom Seeds

One major part of food autonomy and self-reliance is growing your own food in a survival garden. So if you know a prepper who loves to spend time in their garden, then giving the gift of seeds is perfect. 


Thevariety pack of heirloom seeds from the Open Seed Vault Store makes the perfect gift for gardening preppers and survivalists alike. It contains over 15,000 non-GMO, raw, non-chemically treated, and USA heirloom seeds for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.  

Eco Flow Portable Generator

With modern generator technology, you no longer have to be completely disabled by the shortcomings of your municipal power company. Instead, you can use portable electric generators to stay connected and keep your devices charged, even if the power goes out in your house. 


TheRiver Max Series 2,Delta, andDelta Max Portable Generators manufactured by Eco Flow are all fantastic options. Each model has a sleek portable design, long-lasting energy, and solar panel connectivity. 

Steel River Survival Lantern

Survival situations are complicated enough. Don’t let the lack of lighting and visibility make things even harder. 


We recommend having multiple light sources ready for disasters and emergencies; for example, candles, flashlights, headlamps, and flares. One of our favorites is theSteel River Survival Lantern


We like this solar emegency lantern because it is solar-powered and can also be operated with batteries. In addition, it has a durable stainless steel construction and is collapsible for easy portability.    

Firestarter Materials

In a survival situation, exposure to extreme cold can be deadly. That is why having a survival shelter that can keep you warm is essential. Equally important is creating heat to stay warm and to dry out. 


At home that’s easy enough. But in the wilderness creating heat almost always means making a fire. To make creating fire easier, we recommend theSurvival Torch from Prepared4X.  The Survival Torch is an all-in-one, waterproof, and wind resistant fire starter kit. It contains flint, steel, and wick rope that will help you make a fire in almost any scenario—the gift of warmth for that prepper in your life.

Lightweight Camping Tent

In a survival situation, shelter should be your number one priority. Without adequate shelter, you will be exposed to frigid temperatures, relentless heat, UV rays, insects, and whatever else nature can throw at you. 


For most preppers and survivalists, their homes are their haven, and for good reason. However, if they ever have to evacuate, they could need an improvised survival shelter. 


TheGo Time Life Tent is the perfect addition to any survivalist's bug-out bag for a lightweight, improvised shelter system.    

Books for Preppers

As you probably already know, preppers and survivalists tend to be very educated people. They love to read and do research to learn new survival skills and remain utterly self-reliant. Their interests then get passed on amongst the family. 


For that reason, we think a survival-focused or emergency preparedness book makes a perfect gift for preppers and their families. Amazon has a fantastic list of best selling survival andemergency preparedness books. You will surely find something on there for preppers and survivalists of all ages.   

Camping Stove


camping stove as prepper's gifts


In a survival scenario, you may not always have access to your oven and stove top. Therefore, it’s essential to have a plan B, no matter whether you want a backup option for home, or a camp stove to take with you in the event of evacuation.


We like camp stoves because the options are almost limitless—there is a variety of shapes, sizes, and fuel types. To help you get started in finding the best stove for you or your prepper loved one, here is a short list of various camp stoves from small and simple to larger that would all make great gifts.

Go Time Emergency Bivy Bag

Unfortunately, staying warm in a survival shelter does not always mean a cozy log cabin at your bug-out location in the woods. Sometimes the difference between freezing or not freezing during the cold overnight or during a rainstorm is a thin layer of polyethylene and nylon from theGo Time Gear Emergency Bivy Sack.


Emergency bivy sacks are small and hyper-lightweight survival tools that can help you escape the elements and keep you warm in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit (or -10 degrees Celsius). They make great gifts and are the perfect addition to any bug-out bag.   

Camp Cooking Utensils

When it comes to cooking and eating utensils, versatility reigns supreme. There is no reason to have different individual utensils when you can use a single tool instead—for example, the4-in-1 Camping and Survival Utensil. These tools are so handy and lightweight that we keep some in the kitchen, one in every bug-out bag, and in some of our emergency bags in our vehicles as well.  

Rain Barrel


rain barrel as prepper gifts


Collecting rainwater is one of the most effective ways to preserve your water autonomy. Installing a55-gallon rain barrel and rainwater harvesting system is the perfect way to take advantage of your local rainfall to keep your survival garden hydrated, or to do household chores without relying on your municipal water source. 


So if you know a prepper, homesteader, or survivalist who wants to begin collecting rainwater, a rain barrel is a logical gift to help get them started.  

Steel River Survival Axe

We’ve already talked about the Steel River Multi-Tool. Next up is theSteel River Survival Axe. If you know a prepper who already has a multi-tool in their everyday carry or bug-out bag, then a survival axe should be their next upgrade.


The Steel River Survival Axe combines some of the versatile luxuries of a multi-tool with a specialty-built steel hammerhead top. With a survival axe and multi-tool, very few survival tasks will go uncompleted.  


Final Thoughts on Survival Gifts

Finding the right gift for preppers who tend to already “have it all” can be a difficult endeavor. But we are willing to bet that something from our list of the best gifts for survivalists and preppers will be welcomed in a stocking or under the tree this Christmas. 

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