EMP Survival | Electromagnetic Pulse Preparedness & How to Survive an EMP

February 17, 2022 7 min read

EMP Survival | Electromagnetic Pulse Preparedness & How to Survive an EMP

As we grow further and further into the digital age new dangers have arisen that threaten our very existence. One of the largest threats we now face is thethreat of an EMP.

With so much of our lives run online, an EMP would cause massive infrastructure collapse. This collapse would affect our banking networks, transportation, data storage, and much more.

Just imagine that in the blink of an eye all your money could disappear if online banking went down.

Same thing goes for transportation. If you don't have fuel reserves at your house you will only make it as far as your car could take you with the gas it has. Maybe the worst consequence of all is all the data we would lose.

With many books and other forms of knowledge stored online now, an EMP could come close to wiping away a majority of our history.

With all these concerns about EMPs we will explain what exactly an electromagnetic pulse is, how they happen and what you can do toprepare for the threat of an EMP.

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What Is An EMP

AnEMP or electromagnetic pulse is the ionization of air molecules by gamma rays after a nuclear detonation. The ionization of the air is essentially the changing of the air molecule’s electrons.

This creates an electromagnetic field in the surrounding area that can pass through any material that conducts electricity.

Even though the electromagnetic field is caused by a nuclear detonation the field itself isn't radioactive.

However, the electromagnetic field can travel over 800 miles from the original nuclear detonation. N

ow that we know what an EMP is, it's time to learn about how a nuclear detonation can cause an EMP effect.


What Are The Current Threats Of An EMP Attack?

As of today there are two major threats that can cause an EMP. The first is a geomagnetic storm and the second is a foreign attack. Both of these are very real possibilities of causing an EMP as soon as tomorrow.

To better understand how these threats cause EMP, we explain both in detail below. We recommend reading this next section carefully because, the better you understand the threat the better you can prepare for it. 

Prepare for an EMP caused by a Geomagnetic Storm

As many of you have probably heard,a geomagnetic storm has recently damaged a number of SpaceX satellites. These damaged satellites are expected to fall to earth and burn up in the atmosphere before reaching the ground.

Although SpaceX was the only one truly affected by this geomagnetic storm, it has raised concerns about a bigger storm that could affect us all here on earth. But what is ageomagnetic storm?

Well, a geomagnetic storm is essentially an EMP caused by the sun. However, it is much more complex than the standard EMP.

A geomagnetic storm starts with large explosions of plasma within a magnetic field in a star. Here on earth the star we would feel the effects of geomagnetic storms from is our sun.

After the explosion the energy emitted from the star is dispersed outwards in the form of solar winds. This energy is a stream of charged particles called a solar wind. Solar winds and EMPs are basically the same, they are both charged particles moving outward from an explosion.

However, solar winds come from much larger explosions and travel much further than an EMP does. This is because the sun is constantly creating bigger nuclear explosions than we can ever replicate on earth. Solar winds also are not a one-time event.

Solar winds come in waves or pulses and this is what is known as a geomagnetic storm. This means that during a geomagnetic storm you will be hit with multiple waves of solar winds which is why they call it a storm.

Now that you know how we can be affected by an EMP like situation naturally from a geomagnetic storm it's time to look at how they can happen here on earth.

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Foreign Attack (Nuclear EMP Survival)

As we explained earlier, an EMP comes as a side effect from the charged particles of a nuclear detonation. This means anynuclear detonation near the United States could cause us to feel the effects of an EMP.

But who would want to and be able to detonate a nuclear explosion near the United States? Well there are two main countries that pose this threat of an EMP attack to the United States today. 

The first country that poses a threat of an EMP attack is Russia. Russia and the United States have been at nuclear odds since 1947 when the cold war started. In 1947 the use of electric devices was not common compared to today.

This meant the threat of the EMP from a nuclear detonation was less concerning than the nuclear detonation itself. Since the cold war ended in 1989 the threat of EMP from a nuclear detonation has become more concerning. In 2022 we use electronics for everything from national security to personal communication.

Now that we are at odds with Russia again over theirmobilization toward Ukraine we are once again worried about a nuclear standoff. However this nuclear standoff will be different than the one we had during the cold war.

This is because we no longer need to be hit directly by a nuclear explosion to cripple our country. Now a nuclear explosion can be used to wipe out a majority of electronics.

USA vs russia

However Russia isn't the only country that possesses a threat of using a nuclear explosion to produce an EMP. 

North Korea is the second country we should be worried about using an EMP to wipe out our electronics. In 2016 North Korea's leader Kim Jung Un was running missile tests close to the United States shores in an attempt to show his power and gain an edge in negotiations.

This eventually led Donald Trump, the president of the United States at the time, to visit North Korea and negotiate peace between the two countries.

This peace agreement lasted until recently when Kim Jung Un decided to launchmore missile tests amidst the Russia-Ukraine tensions. This has put North Korea back on the map as a threat of a nuclear attack on the United States.

As we discussed earlier a nuclear threat also means the threat of an EMP devastating our electrical grid and all other electronics.

Because of the proximity of North Korea to the United States the threat of Kim Jung Un using a nuclear explosion for the EMP blast instead of nuclear destruction is even higher than the threat of Russia using an EMP. 

How to Prepare for an EMP Attack 

Now that we know what and who can cause an EMP that can affect the United States it's time to talk about how toprepare and survive an EMP. We touched on the fact earlier that an EMP will pass through anything that conducts electricity.

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Because almost every material we use to build homes and even bunkers will conduct electricity it's almost impossible to avoid the effects of an EMP. The only way to block an EMP is with afaraday cage.

A faraday cage is a chain link fence style shield that is made from a metallic mesh. Faraday cages can be used on electronics like phones, computers and other electrical devices.

However even with faraday cases protecting your electronics the network these devices operate on will likely collapse and render the devices useless.

Since we can't avoid being hit by an EMP the best way to prepare is to prepare for the fallout that will ensue after an EMP has already hit.

To prepare for the fall out you first need to know what will work and what won't work after an EMP hits.

To learn more about how to prepare for an EMP attack check out our podcastWhat is EMP.

What Will Work After an EMP Attack?

After an EMP hits most of the things we use in our daily lives will no longer work from the effects of the electromagnetic pulse.

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This means cars, cellphones, banks, and almost all of our infrastructure we have built in the 21st century will be rendered useless. However, there are precautions you can take to gain power right after an EMP attack. The first way to regain power after an EMP is by using a generator.

Generators are gas powered and are not affected by the blast of an EMP as long as they aren't computer operated. Using a generator after an EMP will allow you to power the essential parts of your home.

Similar to a generator, solar panels can also work to restore power after an EMP attack. Just like generators, your solar power system must not be reliant on a computer operated system to store the energy or it will also be rendered obsolete.

Having astore of firewood is also crucial in the event of an EMP. The firewood will act as a last resort as a way to cook food and stay warm if your generator or solar system is not working.

This leads us into the next way you need to prepare for an EMP, anemergency food stock. Having emergency food stock during an EMP attack is crucial because food will become scarce during this time.

Grocery stores will likely not be prepared for such an event and the food you have in your fridge will quickly spoil. Now that you have your alternative power supply, emergency food, the last thing you need is an emergency water supply.

The best way to store emergency water for an extended period of time israin barrels.Rain barrels hold a large amount of water that can easily be cleaned with either purification tablets or boiled to purification.

Once you can check all three of those basic necessities off your checklist you will be ready and prepared to withstand an EMP for multiple months while your nation works to rebuild its infrastructure.