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When Fact And Fantasy Collide

When Fact And Fantasy CollideIt is often necessary to look at popular culture in order to determine the zeitgeist that influences perspectives. From a psychological stance, these insights can also inform populations about the way that prevalent fears can inform behavior and action. Although much of our culture is currently enamored with the scenario of a zombie apocalypse, this is also quite telling about how we feel in regards to our own personal power.

The Basic Plot

In most pop-culture iterations, there are a select group of survivors or lone individuals who are facing hordes of emotionless, need-driven undead. While much of the focus of movies and books is on the survival abilities of those who are still alive, there can be a deeper message that is read from the representation.

We are afraid of giving our power away. We are afraid of becoming lost to the circumstances around us.

In this respect, survival actually becomes the basis of retaining individuality and personality. Survival becomes the way of emerging as a self attenuated being.

Of course, the question then becomes, why don’t more people take heed of this innate human aspect and take charge of their own lives?

Even the most basic survivalists can gather food kits and other long-term food storage supplies in order to preserve this aspect of self within a modern setting. Resourcefulness is not only a trait that should be cultivated in emergencies, but in any life situation, as it is the empowerment that our pop-culture survival heroes embody.


Extrapolations On A Theme

Perhaps our fascination with zombie lore is not so much that we worry about the eventuality, but that we are more concerned that it has already arrived. Social situations that judge individuality, preparedness, resourcefulness, and self-reliance are already rampant, and in some ways, it may seem as though the mindless hordes are already present.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is present tense, and strong and secure family units should take pride in cultivating their survival instincts. Teaching children about sustainability, food storage, and water purification is a testament to the individuality and human caring that establishes self within the confusion of blind social tenets.

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