Customer Submitted Reviews

Extremely impressed by the service

I purchased some food storage from Valley Food Storage, and I was extremely impressed by the service as well as the taste of the food. I have tried other local food storage companies and they don’t even compare to Valley Food Storage. I have and would recommend this company to everyone I know.

– Blake T.

It’s seriously as good as homemade grub.

Taste of this food is absolutely amazing. It’s seriously as good as homemade grub. The only ingredient that isn’t a real fresh ingredient like a pepper or a noodle, is citric acid, a naturally occurring ingredient used as a preservative. You can reinforce the food with rice or meat if you choose to and the 6 mil Mylar bag is killer. It’s also resealable. Made so that you can boil water and just pour it in. Awesome. Other companies like WISE food storage put ingredients in their food that goes bad in approximately 3 years. Seriously….if you have some, go and open a bag of it, yep…it’s rancid. And they won’t replace it. You CAN NOT beat this food. This is the REAL DEAL. This is truly the industry gold standard.

– shawntheviking

You guys are great!

In times of sickness and uneasy times, food storage at a great price is awesome! Valley food storage is just that great customer service with people that know what they are talking about! You guys are great!

– Chase A.


Amazing! We found out Wednesday there was a hurricane coming over the weekend. I ordered the 30 day supply on Thursday and we got it in Hawaii on Friday. Hopefully we won’t have to use it :). We tried the food at an Expo in Utah when we were visiting and loved it. I’m so impressed with the quality of ingredients and the excellent service.

– Craig S.

Great pride in their work!

Thanks for courtesy call this evening! Such a great customer service and business that out great pride in their work! Looking forward to try sample and explore more of your great food.

– June M.

Highly recommended

I bought almost a years worth of food storage after sampling many of the dishes. Ones we’ve eaten are the: creamy potato soup, blueberry muffins, apple oatmeal, strawberry cream of wheat, cheesy potatoes, the fettuccine alfredo and the pasta primavera are similar (except the sauce), white bean chile, corn bread and the lime habanero chile are the ones that come to mind.I can honestly say we’ve liked the lionshare of them especially since these will last over 2 decades in storage. Though I think the price is similar to others out there, I think this is perhaps the best quality food (referring to ingredients, meals available and packaging) on the market. The representative was excellent to work with. Highly recommended.

– Dave M.

Awesome taste, easy to use

Looking for a more versatile dried food dish for hiking I found Valley Food. Much better taste, and can mix items to create my own dish. A single bag of Irish Pub soup was plenty to feed 3 hungry snowshoeing folks at the headwaters of Dearborn River.
Now I collect more to mix and match. Thanks for taking time to provide something useful, and delicious. No doubt the top choice for your outdoor light weight food needs.

– Kamiko Y.