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I purchased some food storage from Valley Food Storage, and I was extremely impressed by the service as well as the taste of the food. I have tried other local food storage companies and they don’t even compare to Valley Food Storage. I have and would recommend this company to everyone I know.
Taste of this food is absolutely amazing. It’s seriously as good as homemade grub. The only ingredient that isn’t a real fresh ingredient like a pepper or a noodle, is citric acid, a naturally occurring ingredient used as a preservative. You can reinforce the food with rice or meat if you choose to and the 6 mil Mylar bag is killer. It’s also resealable. Made so that you can boil water and just pour it in. Awesome. Other companies like WISE food storage put ingredients in their food that goes bad in approximately 3 years. Seriously….if you have some, go and open a bag of it, yep…it’s rancid. And they won’t replace it. You CAN NOT beat this food. This is the REAL DEAL. This is truly the industry gold standard.
In times of sickness and uneasy times, food storage at a great price is awesome! Valley food storage is just that great customer service with people that know what they are talking about! You guys are great!
Amazing! We found out Wednesday there was a hurricane coming over the weekend. I ordered the 30 day supply on Thursday and we got it in Hawaii on Friday. Hopefully we won’t have to use it :). We tried the food at an Expo in Utah when we were visiting and loved it. I’m so impressed with the quality of ingredients and the excellent service.
Thanks for courtesy call this evening! Such a great customer service and business that out great pride in their work! Looking forward to try sample and explore more of your great food.
June Mizoguchi
I bought almost a years worth of food storage after sampling many of the dishes. Ones we’ve eaten are the: creamy potato soup, blueberry muffins, apple oatmeal, strawberry cream of wheat, cheesy potatoes, the fettuccine alfredo and the pasta primavera are similar (except the sauce), white bean chile, corn bread and the lime habanero chile are the ones that come to mind. I can honestly say we’ve liked the lionshare of them especially since these will last over 2 decades in storage. Didn’t care for the rice pilaf. Haven’t tried the new honey whole wheat pancakes (but sounds promising). Though I think the price is similar to others out there, I think this is perhaps the best quality food (referring to ingredients, meals available and packaging) on the market. The representative was excellent to work with. Highly recommended.
Dave M.

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…The food was delicious.

Normally I only eat freeze dried food while on backpacking trips. During these multiday excursions, any food tastes good. So it’s always hard to tell if its really good or you’re just so hungry anything would taste good.
Just in Case Jack
Skilled Survival
I am not exaggerating when I say that Valley Food Storage is behind some of my renewed enthusiasm about backpacking. There’s nothing worse than feeling like crap when you’re lugging 30+ pounds on your back and dealing with the challenges of high altitude. I felt fabulous after this trip, even kicking some boyfriend butt hiking up a mountain back to our car.
The Wandering Ex-Housewife
The Wandering [Ex] Housewife
…I don’t hesitate (even a little bit) to recommend Valley Food Storage products to you. I don’t think that you will be disappointed at all. My future plans definitely include ordering some of the other entrees to give a try.
…My new food policy made me very eager to accept an offer for some sample food from a new company– Valley Food Storage of Orem Utah. Their slogan– “Store food you’ll love to eat”– certainly fit into my plan as did the 25-year life they guarantee on their products.
Scot Erie
…Ridiculous 25 year shelf life and plenty of nutrients to keep you and your family going, not only does Valley Food Storage deliver on the basic sustenance front, but it does so in an appetizing fashion. You can always use the chili as a base for a bigger meal if you want to incorporate other survival foods from your prepper pantry into the mix, but I’d not recommend just mixing with rice and leaving it at that. Doesn’t mix all that well with plain rice, though the chili + nacho chips is a 100% winning combination.
…Would I recommend this product? Absolutely and even more so than some of the competitors I have tried. Here’s a quick roll up to finalize this review.
…This chili tasted as good as it smelled. I was hoping to wolf it down all alone, even though it claims 2 servings per package, but I wasn’t getting off that easy. My daughter had already determined that she was getting some of that chili, and honest to goodness, she ate more of it than I did. This was some hearty, rich flavored chili!
John Beck
…This chili tasted as good as it smelled. I was hoping to wolf it down all alone, even though it claims 2 servings per package, but I wasn’t getting off that easy. My daughter had already determined that she was getting some of that chili, and honest to goodness, she ate more of it than I did. This was some hearty, rich flavored chili!
Bernie Carr
So…. After all of my research of the company, taste testing the product, seeing their great customer service, etc…. I give Valley Food Storage a 5 star rating!
Heather Graham
…I can’t speak for Valley Food Storage’s complete line of products, but if they’re all as good as the pasta primavera, I would not at all mind eating a bag of their food each day while the zombies roamed around outside looking for brains.
Patrick Blair
…Although I would have liked to test a couple more entrees for comparison, from our experience; Valley Food Storage gets a thumbs up in our book!
I had an opportunity to review a food storage meal, White Bean and Lime Chili from ValleyFoodStorage.com, as it was sent to me for review. One thing I like, believe it or not, is that the food doesn’t come in a fancy package. It’s just a mylar bag and sticker.
Damian Brindle
The sauce was delicious! Honestly, I could see myself opening a package of this and fixing it for company. It was great with the veggies and it would be great with a grilled chicken breast but what matters most is that alone, straight out of the package, with nothing added, it was delicious and would be easy to fix and quite filling.
…The aroma was savory, but now it was time for the all important taste test (drum roll please). It was GOOD! I mean tasty GOOD! The beans were thoroughly cooked, and it was spicy enough to be interesting, but not too spicy and the consistency was just right! If all of their menus are this good, they have got a winning product for sure!
Marie Camarano
…I carefully watched all of the faces around the table for their reaction. No one said much more than “MmmMMmMMM” and kept scooping the chili into their faces. Since we have 6 people to please in this household, finding a food storage meal that MOST of us like can be hard. However, this one was a winner.
…Wow! Most long-term storage food I’ve tasted has been fairly bland. This chili was not. I really enjoyed this meal. It was fresh and tasty. The beans were a bit strong (for lack of a better word) and you could tell they were rehydrated. That being said, a little meat would have offset them perfectly and made this dish awesome.
…Our kids and their friends gave it a try and were actually asking for more when they were done. Once they ran off, my hubby and I tried our portions and we liked it too. Keep in mind we have gotten used to the strictly homemade version I’ve made for the last few years so by saying we like something that came pre-made is a BIG deal.
…I was blown away by how good it tasted, as was my son, who can be picky at times. He actually finished it off! I don’t like the taste of cooked peppers, and was a little leery, but could hardly taste them!
…I do love the idea of freeze dried meal mixes like this however! And no MSG is hard to find since most companies want to add it to increase the flavor. Looking at the brochure Valley Food Storage sent to me they have quite a selection of other meals including Lasagna, Alfredo, Teriyaki Chicken, and Stroganoff that I think my family would probably enjoy since those are along the lines of things we normally eat.
…You know how most freeze-dried food lacks quality flavor or seasoning? Well, this product is about as close as I’ve seen to home-cooked food, right off the stove.
…In summary, I think Valley Food Storage offers a good value on pouch-based emergency food. It scores highly in packaging/shelf life, preparation time, and space. The taste is a good value for the price you pay. And I really like how you can buy individual pouches for whatever need you have.
Brandon Brooks
They aren’t joking about just adding water. I’ve never cooked a meal this simple. Even boxed Mac & Cheese isn’t this easy! These meals would be a real treat in an emergency situation where you only have one pan, and no fresh ingredients. I think I’ll end up ordering some to have on hand. I may even get some for camping!
Erica Mueller

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I tried the Mango Habanero Chili. Wasn’t sure what to expect with it. Turned out to be superb ! spicy but not to spicy and the mango chunks add some nice surprise flavor As with all Valley Food storage meals prep was a snap. I would recommend this to anyone because I’m really not that much into chili and I am sure going to buy this again.
Joe Blowski
I believe many people think “tastless food” when they look at food storage options. It is great to have quality food with super taste that will last. Oh, and that my kids will eat and ask for seconds….
Merrick Carr
I was introduced to this company a few months ago. I am looking forward to exploring a long relationship and finding lots of amazing food. Our family needs are for long term storage, nutrition and of course yumminess. I have been told that the white bean and lime chili is out of this world and that will be at the top of the list!
Melissa Logan
Got some 72 hr kits! great products, great price!
Paola Loader
We are especially pleased with the customer service of Valley Food Storage. No question is too silly. When coupled with the quality of the products, it’s a win-win situation for the consumer.
E Hancock
We’ve had the White Bean and Lime Chili and it’s excellent! Great taste, actually tastes like fresh food, imagine that! Texture is great, look, aroma, everything about it would lead you to believe that it was just made fresh with fresh ingredients (which it is)! Company is great, good CS, fast shipping, very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!
Memphis Sellers
Great place to get your emergency food need. Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.
Jason Mccue
I’m always looking for ways to maximize my family’s camping experience. We eat vegan and their selection of dairy free vegetarian meals makes it easy and convenient.
Hertslet Amie
Awesome company and products!
Gene Hinders
The Alfredo pasta was amazing! The vegetarian options are a huge plus and I am looking forward to many great meals.
Jessica Chiasson Wood
I tried their chili at an expo in Denver and fell in love with the taste and guilt free ingredients. I have used their products while camping and extra kits are stored away for the zombie apocalypse! I highly recommend!
Michelle Segura
Great people to talk to ..and a great Face book page ,Good info on it I have learned alot from it .. If you post a comment they are fast to get back to you ,,Not like other pages that never talks to you …I like these guys You will too Give them a try …
Terry Wydick
Came across Valley Food Storage not long ago giving a demonstration and passing out samples. I was skeptical at first having tried many different food storage “options” in the past and never being impressed with them. Wow, was I surprised as I sampled several of their offerings. The flavors were rich, the textures smooth and the taste was fresh. I had my family try several of them and had them ask if I could serve them regularly as a normal meal! They also had several options for my family members that must eat Gluten and Dairy Free. Thank you Valley Food Storage! You’re a winner!
Kim S.
All Preppers should give them a try and see if they’ll fit your long term storage needs. Ask for their free sample and give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!
GhostHawk Prepper
I stopped by their new store to pick up more of their white bean chili and teriyaki chicken (we eat those dishes as part of our normal meal plan) and left with pasta primavera, baked potato soup and a few other dinners that their staff cooked up on the spot for us to try. Their food is great and the staff is helpful.
Randal Clayton
Tasted the Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup at the Evanston Preparedness Fair…really yummy! Tasted very good!
I saw a review for Valley Food on a blog, and they raved about it. It piqued my interest so I looked up some more reviews. I headed over to their website and found the free sample, so I got it. They gave the White Bean and Lime Chili. I don’t even like chili, but I liked theirs! I was also happy to discover that their ingredients are healthier than most of the food I already eat. A large quantity of their food is on its way to my house right now!
Urèz Trülí
Valley Food Storage has great food. The Mac N Cheese taste just like homemade Mac N Cheese, and the Pasta Primavera was fantastic. My kids even liked the food, unlike the other brands he had tried. This really is food that you want to eat and has a 25 year shelf life.
Josh Beutler
Irish Pub Style Cheddar Potato Soup- Reviewed by Matthew Carroll A pound of ground beef, some salt, some pepper, and perhaps some sauteed onions and it is 10/10! My wife mentioned that it was filling after one bowl, and had a pleasant taste to it. Nothing too lacking. Kiddo ate the stuff up like no-ones business, and she loved the idea of using a bagel to scoop some juices up. The potato bits re-hydrated very nicely, and were about the right level of firmness, and even had the correct texture and taste. Within minutes of contacting the heated water, everything thickened, and the aroma enveloped our open-plan household with a mellow, delicious taste. We ate this as a meal, with chicken cooking in the kitchen just in case this failed, which it did not. A bowl of this, with hard-tac, and a small bit of chicken would be a perfect meal!
Matthew Carroll
Hey all you knuckleheads out there, if you are not preppin’ you should be. I have lived out of food storage several times, so having something put up for rainy days is close to my heart. Before you do anything else, read guns, knives, landmines, etc., you have to eat. Your kids have to eat. Your Granny has to eat. Take a page from Valley Foods playbook. They were consumers before bizness guys. They were disappointed with what they bought from some industry pros, finding stuff out when they needed to depend on it. Somebody was upset….and motivated. Hence, they believe they could build a better mousetrap(food storage). Whoa now…is this some ” ‘Murican ingenuity?” Just try it. If you like GMO/preservatives/pesticides/mystery chems then don’t try it. You wouldn’t get it. Quality is as Quality does…..’nuff said
Joel Cranford
Finally a great health option for food storage, 72 hour kits, and backpacking! Great food, Incredible shelf life and super customer service.
Nathan Harris
I am so glad I found this product! I tried it at an Expo in Utah and loved it. I was so impressed with the quality of food, and the customer service is excellent. When we decided we needed it for a pending hurricane in Hawaii I had it overnight mailed to me and it made it on time!
Kanui K