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Valley Food Storage Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We have the perfect gift ideas for all the special people in your life this Holiday Season. Check off your list here with some of our favorites!

The Nice List


Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal: The delicious foundation to an active day. Whether trekking the Appalachian Trail or family game of backyard football, enjoy the warm, hearty flavor of our Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal.


White Bean and Lime Chili: A thick, savory, and mild chili that your whole family will want to eat all the time! With just the right mix of Great White Northern Beans, Pinto Beans and an assortment of vegetables creates the best flavor.



Freeze Dried StrawberriesFreeze Dried Strawberries: Snack on these right out of the bag, add them dry to your recipes, or they can be rehydrated by soaking in warm water for several minutes. Easy to pack and carry in their resealable bag, they are the perfect snack when you are out in the wild.



SOL Medical Kit: compact and lightweight, easily slips into a pocket, and is meant to be kept on your person at all times without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.



Freeze Dried Green BeansFreeze Dried Green Beans: Create a healthy vegetable soup or even casserole by simply adding with your other ingredients. Rehydrate the green beans with a little warm water and use for side dishes, or eat this delicious vegetable straight from the bag for a healthy, diet-friendly snack.


Freeze Dried BlueberriesFreeze Dried Blueberries: small, but high in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! Being high in antioxidants, these little beauties can help prevent disease and help to build up your immune system as well.



Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket: With seven varieties of fruit, this Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket will make a great addition to any fruit lovers food storage. Not only does it provide variety, but it will add plenty of color and flavor to enhance your everyday meals.



Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetables Bucket: This is just what you’re looking for to add to your food storage. Having a variety of fruits and vegetables in your food storage not only adds nutrition but it adds texture, flavor, variety, and so much more!



Freeze Dried ChickenFreeze Dried Chicken: Having protein in your diet is essential for a healthy body. By adding Freeze Dried Chicken to your food storage, you’re not only adding that all-important protein, but also adding flavor and variety to your favorite meals. You’ll love how easy it is to cook with this chicken.


Freeze Dried Diced BeefFreeze Dried Diced Beef: Add these Diced Beef cubes to any meal. Delicious in Chili, Pasta, or alone with some veggies on the side. These are versatile with a resealable top and a 25 Year shelf life they are perfect for a thousand different situations. Made with the highest quality USDA beef, the taste and nutrition is incredible!



Freeze Dried Meat BucketFreeze Dried Meat Bucket: All of your favorite freeze dried meat in one easy bucket. Get a great bucket full of nutrient rich, protein packed meat that will add to any dish. All natural, GMO free, preservative free meats are perfect for any occasion. Get yours for a quick meal or save it for an emergency with its 25-year shelf-life you can’t go wrong.




Family 72 Hour Kit72 Hour Family Pack: This 1 Week Food Supply is a great way to start your food storage journey or add to your existing food storage reserves. All of our food storage kits are designed to make the planning and preparation process extremely easy. This value kit includes 100 servings of great tasting, healthy, just-add-water meals, protein-packed chicken and our famously delicious fruits and vegetables. This kit is designed to be enough food for 4 people, for 1 week.


1 Month Food Supply: a great way to start your food storage supply or add to your existing food storage reserves. All of our food storage kits are designed to make the planning and preparation process extremely easy. This value kit includes 100 servings of great tasting, healthy, just-add-water meals and is designed to be enough food for 1 person, for 1 month.




3 month food supply value kit3 Month Food Supply: 3 month supply for 1 person – filled with a variety of breakfasts and entrees. Enjoy 300 servings of sustainable dehydrated foods that are all USDA and FDA certified for up to 25 years.


1 Year Food Supply: Value Kit1 Year Food Supply: This is an amazing 1 year supply, made with all of our quality food with no fillers or drink mix! Made for 1 person for 1 year or a family of 4 for 3 months, this is the versatile kit that you have been looking for. Just look at all the variety this food supply comes with, you will never get bored.




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