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Spring Giveaway!

We are growing like crazy and we know that’s only because of our great customers! We want to say a big thank you so we are giving away this solar briefcase and 1 month food supply….FOR FREE! Designed and assembled by good folks in North Carolina, using heavy-duty, high-quality, 18 amp/hour batteries that recharge via built-in solar panel. Your SolarBriefcase can also be topped off, or fully charged from a conventional AC outlet.

Use it to charge your cell phone, operate your laptop, power a radio, lights, or power tools in an emergency power outage, or when conventional power is not available – such as camping, job site, or remote building.

Not only that but you will also receive our award winning 1 month food supply! Packed will 100 servings of our best food you can sleep easy knowing that no matter what you and your family is ready for anything that comes up.

How To Enter:


Step 1

Leave a comment on this page and tell us your favorite product from Valley Food Storage

Step 2

Leave us a great review here: Click here to leave review

Step 3

Like or review us us on Facebook here:

Step 4

Follow us on Instagram here:

Winners will be announced on next weeks email. Good luck and thank you from Valley Food Storage!

Highlighted Features

  • Built in inverter and charge controller
  • Detailed instruction sheet
  • High Quality USA Design & Assembly, dependability when you need it
  • Self-contained, portable power generator
  • Charge and operate cell phones, laptops, radios, lighting, camping gear, and more
  • AC/DC/USB power outputs
  • 18 amp/hours batteries, 15 watts
  • Rechargeable by solar or AC
  • Backlit digital LCD display panel to check battery status and charging rate
  • Programmable features include automatic dusk turn on and sleep
  • Master battery cut off switch ensures long battery life and safe storage
  • Low battery warning and over-load protection


  • Solar panel – 15W mono crystalline silicon
  • AC input – 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz fused at 2A
  • AC output – 120VAC 60Hz 150W modified sine wave
  • DC output – 12VDC 8A unregulated PTC fused
  • USB output – 5V 500mA regulated current limited
  • Standby power – 20mA nominal, 4mA protect mode
  • Batteries – 2x12VDC 9AHr SLA
  • Battery dimensions – F2 Terminals 151Lx65Dx94H mm
  • Low battery shutdown – 11.5V to 10V – depending on load
  • AC charging current: ~2 Amp
  • Solar charging current: ~750mA full sunlight
  • LED light – 3W high brightness
  • Dimensions: 19.5”W x 3.5”D x 12.5”H / 490W x 90D x 320H mm
  • Weight: ~21.5Lbs, it is a heavy
  • Indicators – on/standby LED, 2×8 character LCD panel
  • Fuses internal – 16A 5×20, spare included on board

32 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway!

  1. Kevin says:

    This has been by far the best we’ve ever had. Easy to do and great tasting to boot. One of our favorites has become Chili Mac and the Cornbread. This makes for a full round meal for the whole family. Hearty and fills you up. Valley Foods keep em coming. You all are wonderful. I love this stuff. I eat it thru out the year and it has saved us when we had no money to buy food. It’s great to have on hand. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Art says:

    Having purchased and used 5 different brands of survival foods, Valley is the only brand I have re-ordered. It is by far the best tasting food of this type on the market.

  3. Barb says:

    I’ve purchased some products but haven’t actually tried any yet, so I don’t have a favorite–but I’m looking forward to testing them!

  4. tag1370 says:

    I haven’t tried any of your products yet, but they are getting great reviews and I keep eyeing the Mango Habanero Chili.

  5. Harout says:

    I bought the freeze dried fruit bucket and use them in my smoothies and also eat them straight out of the bag for snacks. They are great tasting. I bought a second bucket.

  6. mshartzell says:

    I have been wanting to try this brand for a long time now. I haven’t been impressed with the shelf life of other brands in relation to cost, so this looks like a great deal!- Can’t wait to try!

  7. Christopher says:

    We have our sample of Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup that we are looking forward to trying soon. Since that’s the only one we have, I guess it’s our favorite. 😀

  8. Landon says:

    Looking for a more versatile dried food dish for hiking I found Valley Food. Much better taste, and can mix items to create my own dish. A single bag of Irish Pub soup was plenty to feed 3 hungry snowshoeing folks at the headwaters of Dearborn River.
    Now I collect more to mix and match. Thanks for taking time to provide something useful, and delicious.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Just received my one-month supply box yesterday. I’m planning to make/test the blueberry pancakes this weekend. Haven’t got a favorite yet, but I was impressed with the fast shipping and sturdy packaging of the food.

  10. Shawn says:

    We had a recent Emergency Prep Fair in
    Berkeley. Our disaster food and water booth was
    the most popular booth! Valley Foods was a featured item!
    My fav: Irish Pub soup of course!

  11. Cornelia says:

    The taste of every product I have tried is as good as the nonGMO quality. My favorites: dried fruits and cheese cubes as in bowls placed on my kitchen countertop for easy snacking. They are also awesome for travel snacks.

  12. Eileen says:

    Im waiting eagerly for my first order. I wish I could say what my favorite is but alas its not here yet. Looking forward to taste testing against the other vendors I also ordered. I love that your company uses clean food unlike the rest. Thumbs up for that. Mac n cheese im hopefully gonna love

  13. Eileen says:

    Creamy Alfredo we got our order today and tried our first pouch. It was very tasty my family all gave it a thumbs up

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