6 Month Food Storage

Supply You need to be prepared. You also need real, nutritious, and long lasting food. With these 6 Month Food Storage Kits, Valley Food Storage only provides the highest quality food in our 6 month food supply. By using real food in our ingredients, eliminating hydrogenated oils, MSG, and all other harmful preservatives, we then use a nitrogen flushing process to eliminate oxygen. We package our high quality Mylar pouches so will your food will be there when you need it! Read our reviews for more! See below to find the kit that works for you and don’t forget they come with FREE SHIPPING!

6 Month Food Storage Value Kit

This kit is a great option for people who are starting out building their food storage. It is the perfect family start up kit, or kit for a single person looking for a great value. Click the link below for details, or see our budget plan for more options. This kit is designed for 1 person for 6 months and comes in a box. Includes free shipping!

6 Month Food Storage Premium Kit

This is our best and most recommended kit! This 6 month supply will give you almost triple the food of the value kit, and will come packed in our tough 6.5 gallon food buckets. For more, click the link below!

6 Month Food Supply

6 Month Premium Food Kit


6 Month Food Supply

6 Month Basic Food Kit