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Protein Bucket Premium - Black Friday

Averages 150 Servings Per Kit 

This bucket contains the best value in protein-rich long term food, including a selection of meat and eggs.

What's Included*:
6 Total Bags Freeze Dried Chicken, Beef, and Sausage
6 Bags Freeze Dried Whole Eggs
1 water-resistant bucket for convenient stacking, storage, and transportation

Protein Details:
Freeze Dried Chicken Dices (1,000 calories per bag)
Freeze Dried Beef Dices (1,300 calories per bag)
Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles (1,960 calories per bag)
Freeze Dried Whole Eggs (1,065 calories per bag)
1 Whole Egg = 1 Serving

Kit Details:
25 Year Shelf Life
No Preservative
No Additives

*Selection may vary based on availability 

Eggs (Nutrition labels available on individual product pages)

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