Freeze Dried Chicken

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Freeze Dried Chicken is perfect to add to your food storage. It is an excellent source of protein and minerals for your diet. It can be used to help spice up your dinner tonight or stored away for up to 25+ years. Don't wait, get yours now!

100% Real Chicken!
10 Servings
No Preservatives
No Additives
3.5 Cups Per Bag
8.4 Ounces

Having protein in your diet is essential for a healthy body. By adding Freeze Dried Chicken to your food storage, you’re not only adding that all-important protein, but also adding flavor and variety to your favorites meals. You’ll love how easy it is to cook with this chicken.
Since the chicken comes pre-cooked and in bite size pieces, there are no worries about cross-contamination, or your meat being undercooked. You’ll be able to throw this chicken in any soup, casserole, chili, or salad, for a healthy protein. Since the chicken is already cooked, you’ll cut down on prep and cook time for your recipes. Which means, dinner can be on the table in no time.
You’ll love how quick and simple it is to use rehydrate the chicken for meals. The chicken can be added straight to soups or chilis, or rehydrated as well. Just cover completely in warm water, let soak until it’s nice and soft, drain excess water and voila! Fresh chicken!
The Freeze Dried Chicken comes conveniently packaged in a high-grade mylar pouch that contains an oxygen absorber. This keeps out oxygen, moisture, and light to help you get up to a 25 year shelf life. So when a disaster hits, you’ll have fresh and delicious chicken waiting for you. These packages are also the perfect size to put on your pantry shelf for everyday use!
Take the pouches anywhere you can imagine. Keep some at the office for a quick protein to add to a salad, or create fun, flavorful meals while camping and backpacking! The sky is the limit when you don’t need to refrigerate your chicken. Pick yours up today, to have fresh chicken wherever you are.
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Dairy Free: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes

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2 reviews for Freeze Dried Chicken

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product. We bought this to put in our emergency kits but had to try it first and was surprised at just how good this is and its high quality. Taste is real and the chicken is not tough. Perfect size pieces for adding to soups or on a sandwich. We will be buying more for future use.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Outstanding product,taste just perfect as an addition to any dish….definitely will purchase more, this was my first purchase of this item. Is wonderful to find a company who provides such an authentic product.

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