Bulk Freeze Dried Apples

15 servings of freeze dried apples. Easy to reconstitute or eat them right out of the bag as a quick snack.

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15 servings
100% Apple Slices
3.2 ounces
Gluten Free/Dairy Free
Heavy Duty Resealable Bag
25 Year Shelf Life
No Preservatives/No Additives

You can't go wrong with freeze dried apples in your food storage. Not only do they provide sweetness to your meals, but they are a great snack and provide variety to your diet. You'll delight your senses the moment you open this package of Freeze Dried Apple Slices. The crisp slices are light and fresh and can be eaten as a snack straight from the bag. Throw a package in your day bag for a quick snack or take them on a hike for a refreshing and healthy alternative to the traditional trail mix. Using these apples in your daily recipes is simple: Rehydrate them by soaking in warm water for five to ten minutes and use them in pies, crisps, stuffing, oatmeal and more! Packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, these can have a shelf life of up to 25 years.




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