Emergency Kit

When an emergency strikes, you will be prepared with the Valley Food Storage Emergency Kit. In a survival situation, time is not on your side. This pre-packed kit will give you that valuable time by having all the basics for survival ready to go. Keep your Emergency Kit at home, work, or in your car to get you and your loved ones to safety as soon as possible.


  • 10 piece First Aid Kit with all the essentials needed for sterilization and protection.
  • Paracord Bracelet with 10 feet of 550 paracord with a miniature saw blade, whistle, and compass built-in. The clasp can also be used as a firestarter in almost any condition.
  • Emergency Rescue Blanket to keep you dry and combat hypothermia
  • Urban Survival Dust Mask to prevent dust from entering your lungs
  • 25 waterproof matches with a waterproof container and match striker
  • 12-hour green lightstick
  • Canister Stove 


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