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Preparedness, the perfect gift.


The holidays are just around the corner. Before you know it, Christmas will be here. You may have already started your shopping, or are just starting, but there always seems to be a couple of people left on your list. Usually, these are the difficult ones. They are the ones that are impossible to buy for. They have everything and want for nothing. They usually end up getting gift cards. This year, make your gift more personal and meaningful. Give your loved ones the gift of preparedness.

For the College Student:

72 Hour Kit: This kit has all of the necessities for your student (and their roommates!) in case of an emergency. Knowing that they have the basics means they can focus on their studies and you don’t need to worry quite as much.
Flip 10 and Nomad 7:  Keep their phones charged even if the power goes out. They’ll be able to let you know they are safe or to call you for laundry tips.

For the Traveler:

SteriPen: ( Give them the gift of clean water wherever they are. The SteriPen fits in your pocket and has the ability to kill all the microorganisms in the water with a push of a button.

Torch 250: ( With multiple lights, a USB charging cable, and both a hand crank and built in solar panel, this will give your loved ones the ability to stay connected wherever they are.
Easy Meals: ( With these easy meals, they can have a hot delicious meal whether they are camping or in a hotel.

For the Newly Weds:

55 Gallon Barrel: ( They have 5 crockpots, 3 different sizes of muffin pans, and a cheese platter shaped like a fish, but none of that will be helpful during an emergency. A 55-gallon barrel gives them almost a month’s worth of clean water, which is something that they will actually use during a disaster.
1 Month Supply: Having a month’s supply of food to go along with their water is a great idea and knowing that it is healthy and delicious is just a bonus.

For the New Family:

55 Gallon Barrel: Is always a good way to start, in fact will families of 4 or more we would recommend another one for a total of 2 because of the amount of water storage you will need.
1 Year Supply: The new family can sometimes struggle just to make ends meet, and with more mouths to feed it can make it even more difficult to set supplies aside in case of an emergency. This 1 Year supply is perfect because of its versatility and ability to feed multiple people for months at a time.

For The One That Thinks They Dont Need It:

Grab and Go Bucket: We always have that on person that just doesn’t believe they will ever be in any tough situation, no matter what history tells us. They are a special case and need this kit because they will never do it for themselves. PAcked with 1 months supply of food, water filter, medical supplies, fire starter and light sticks it is everything one person will need in a rough situation!

For the Seasoned Prepper:

Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese: This may seem odd, but many preppers have stored the basics and would love to have some cheese added to their supplies! It helps provide protein and calcium and gives you the ability to create new dishes!
Lighthouse Mini: All preppers seem to drool over the newest gadgets and gear on the market. This mini lantern does not disappoint! It gives you 360 degrees of light and has a USB output for charging devices. Plus it’s about the size of your phone.

As you finish your shopping this year, remember that preparedness means security in the hardest and most difficult times. It means stability when the world is falling around you. It shows you love and care about their safety and well-being. It is the ultimate gift. Give the gift of preparedness this year and ease your worrisome thoughts about those you care most about.

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