If you’re making the logical decision to keep some long term food on hand in case of emergency, choosing which brand could be intimidating. So many different brands making so many different claims. Before deciding how much you want to store, you need to decide what kind of emergency food you want to store. In order to remove the complexity, here are a few simple questions you should ask yourself before making your decision.

What type of food is included in their kits?

Calories are the most important thing in terms of emergency food, but not all calories are the same. Some will say, “calories are calories” in a survival situation. Because of this way of thinking, companies may add sugary foods or loads of rice to build up their caloric numbers for better looking products. Valley Food Storage does not subscribe to this.
We believe in quality calories. We believe there is a significant difference between high quality and low quality calories, and high quality calories are what matter for survival. You will not find sugary foods, or unnecessary amounts of rice. You will find wholesome and hearty meals with quality calories.

What type of ingredients are included in the food?

Ask yourself this: when you go to the grocery story, does it bother you buying food that is packed with artificial ingredients, chemicals, and just plain junk? If it does, then you should also pay close attention to the nutrition labels in the long term food you are buying. The emergency food industry is no stranger to packing their foods with junk to decrease their costs and increase low quality calories.
The truth is in the nutrition label. Compare a Valley Food Storage nutrition label to just about anyone else’s, and you will see the difference. No fillers, no artificial ingredients - just clean and simple ingredients you can trust.

Are Genetically Modified foods being used?

If you’re unfamiliar, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Simply put, whether you choose to consume genetically modified foods is your own personal choice. We suggest doing research on whether or not you should, then make your decision from there. There are some benefits to genetically modifying food, and also some drawbacks. One thing to consider is that you shouldn't need to change your dietary habits just because you are buying emergency food.
Regardless of your personal decision, Valley Food Storage chooses to source only non-GMO ingredients.


1.) Am I buying high or low quality calories?

2.) Am I buying the same white rice I could be buying from my own grocery store?

3.) Are calories inflated by sugary drinks or am I buying quality meals?

4.) Am I okay with artificial ingredients and fillers or do I prefer clean ingredients?

5.) Am I okay with genetically modified foods or do I prefer food without GMOs?