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Freeze Dried Food Shelf Life


Freeze Dried Food Shelf Life

Shelf Life is affected by how you store your food.  When you buy from Valley, you are buying the highest-quality all natural ingredients.  We package, prep, and deliver our food ready for long-term storage. To ensure the best taste and longest lifespan, you’ll want to store your food in a cool, dry space such as your basement.

Here are the steps we take to ensure we ship our products in the highest quality storage systems available on the market today:

  • Oxygen absorber
  • Vacuum Sealed Mylar bags
  • Buckets

***Need the specs/details/comparison if possible on all of the above.  The scientific literature basically points to the method of storage being the key to success in shelf life.  Our key to success in this is to prove we do it best compared to others or best that is generally feasible for anyone.