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New Years Giveaway!

We are growing like crazy and we know that’s only because of our great customers! We want to say a big thank you so we are giving away this solar briefcase….FOR FREE! Designed and assembled by good folks in North Carolina, using heavy-duty, high-quality, 18 amp/hour batteries that recharge via built-in solar panel. Your SolarBriefcase can also be topped off, or fully charged from a conventional AC outlet.

Use it to charge your cell phone, operate your laptop, power a radio, lights, or power tools in an emergency power outage, or when conventional power is not available – such as camping, job site, or remote building.

How To Enter:

Step 1

Leave a comment on this page and tell us your favorite recipe

Step 2

Leave us a great review here: Click here to leave review

Step 3

Like us on Facebook here:

Step 4

Follow us on Instagram here:

Winners will be announced on next weeks email. Good luck and thank you from Valley Food Storage!

Highlighted Features

  • Built in inverter and charge controller
  • Detailed instruction sheet
  • High Quality USA Design & Assembly, dependability when you need it
  • Self-contained, portable power generator
  • Charge and operate cell phones, laptops, radios, lighting, camping gear, and more
  • AC/DC/USB power outputs
  • 18 amp/hours batteries, 15 watts
  • Rechargeable by solar or AC
  • Backlit digital LCD display panel to check battery status and charging rate
  • Programmable features include automatic dusk turn on and sleep
  • Master battery cut off switch ensures long battery life and safe storage
  • Low battery warning and over-load protection


  • Solar panel – 15W mono crystalline silicon
  • AC input – 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz fused at 2A
  • AC output – 120VAC 60Hz 150W modified sine wave
  • DC output – 12VDC 8A unregulated PTC fused
  • USB output – 5V 500mA regulated current limited
  • Standby power – 20mA nominal, 4mA protect mode
  • Batteries – 2x12VDC 9AHr SLA
  • Battery dimensions – F2 Terminals 151Lx65Dx94H mm
  • Low battery shutdown – 11.5V to 10V – depending on load
  • AC charging current: ~2 Amp
  • Solar charging current: ~750mA full sunlight
  • LED light – 3W high brightness
  • Dimensions: 19.5”W x 3.5”D x 12.5”H / 490W x 90D x 320H mm
  • Weight: ~21.5Lbs, it is a heavy
  • Indicators – on/standby LED, 2×8 character LCD panel
  • Fuses internal – 16A 5×20, spare included on board

43 thoughts on “New Years Giveaway!

  1. kelandpride says:

    I think the Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup recipe looks amazing. The thickness of the soup would be perfect for cold winter days.

  2. Thomas says:

    Which one, I’ve tried several of your products and really like them all, But my favorite is the Coeur D’Alene Potato Soup. It has a unigue and Delicious Flavor.The Red Wine added to the Potato Soup brings out the Flavor even more

  3. newlife4karla says:

    I have never,tried your products but look forward to trying them soon. I’m reading about he potato soup and thinking I’ll start there!

  4. Lori L says:

    While I have not received my order yet, I have tried some of your product from at a friends house… it was tasty! Can’t wait for mine to arrive! Would love to win this solar briefcase!

  5. Tony says:

    I love the cheddar potato! If I win this I will use the unit to power my stove to make another valley food storage meal!! I want this brief case!

  6. lease101 says:

    Just made my first order today. My wife is diabetic and your products made it easy to determine which is best for her diet.

  7. stevie.ackerman says:

    The Pasta Primavera is definitely my favorite… But the Tomato Basil, Coeur d’Alene Potato and Southern Style Chicken and Rice soups are right there.

  8. Rosaleen says:

    Favorite recipe so far: Add a tablespoon of dried blueberries, a dash of vanilla, and sweetener to taste to pain Geek yogurt, allow to sit overnight on the refrigerator.

  9. mccubbingrnby2 says:

    Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup looks like it would be really good! Haven’t tried any of your products, may need to try it.

  10. Delilah says:

    I have only tried a couple things so far. My husband and I love them and the Potato Soup is the bomb. We both love it. And have tried the Lasagna, which is great as well.

  11. Diana says:

    Love the granola…can eat it as a snack or in a bowl with milk for cereal. Love all your food items I’ve ordered. I especially like that there’s no additives in them that I would not put in if I made them myself. That’s why I will keep buying more of your items for my food storage!

  12. pearlee5 says:

    Just got my food recently. Have not tried much but am so excited I ordered! I felt so left behind in emergency prep, but am at ease now! Irish Pub Tater soup was great!

  13. DavidLynch.135 says:

    Good supplier of survival foods. It is important for us to have a dairy free option. Thank you Valley Food Storage for providing this feature. Few other companies do that.

  14. Debra says:

    Sadly my recent addiction to your Irish Cheddar Potato Soup is making it difficult to keep any aside for food storage. It is insanely good on its own, but is a wonderful medium for pieces of smoky bacon or some spicy sausage chunks.

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