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With A Long Term Food Storage Supply

Life is unpredictable, but your food should always be delicious and full of nutrition. With Valley Food Storage you can be sure that no matter what happens you will have a hot great tasting, wholesome meal ready when you need it.

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Why Choose Us

Many people are finding that the products they are buying for long term food storage can hardly be considered food. Read the labels, do you see hydrogenated oils, soy or things you cant pronounce? You probably will.

With Valley Food Storage we encourage you to read our labels! We only use the highest quality real ingredients in our food and products to make sure your food will not only be there when you need it, but it will be nutritious as well. Due to our special process of freeze drying and then nitrogen flushing each individual bag our food really does have a shelf life up to 25 years.

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More reasons to choose Valley Food Storage:

  • You can pronounce all our ingredients
  • No hydrogenated oils or nasty preservatives
  • Up to 25 years shelf life
  • Durable, resealable packages
  • Nitrogen flushed

Our Products

Bulk freeze dried, dehydrated food supply products

Holiday Special 1 Year Premium Kit, Water Barrel Combo and Meat Combo 44% Off

Our absolute best 1 year kit that provides over 7 servings per day, 55 gallon water barrel and meat bucket. Everything you need for a year in 1 easy kit at our best price ever!

Holiday Special 1 year Value Kit And 55 Gallon Water Barrel 50% Off

Here is a great way to protect you and your family while saving a ton of cash. This 1 year food supply for one person will give you a great variety of the delicious meals that we offer. Look at our prices per serving and then go and compare. We will save you money while giving you a product without the oils or preservatives. A better product and a better price, you cant lose. Don’t forget it comes with a FREE water barrel as well! Contact us and order today!

Holiday Special 1 Month Value Kit, 20 Gallon Water Barrel and Survival Knife, 47% Off!

Our 1 month Food supply value kit is a great way to start your food storage supply or add to your existing food storage reserves. All of our food storage kits are designed to make the planning and preparation process extremely easy. This value kit includes 100 servings of great tasting, healthy, just-add-water meals and is designed to be enough food for 1 person, for 1 month. While testing our own food storage supplies we quickly learned how much work it can be to prepare a meal from the typical food storage supplies such as raw Wheat, flour and Sugar. As a result, all of our meals are designed to be made quickly and easily with minimal preparation. Don’t forget It comes with a tank big enough for all the water you will need!

55 Gallon Water Barrel, Wrench and Purification Combo, 45% Off

Storing water is now a breeze with our 55 gallon water barrel combo kit. With this inclusive package you will receive the water barrel, bung wrench and Aquamira Water Treatment made to treat all 55 gallons of water. Everything you need to get water stored up for any situation!

Holiday Special 72 Hour Kit 40% Off

Designed as a convenient way to store the necessities in a tough re-usable storage container, this premium kit will ensure that your basic needs are taken care of in an emergency situation. Toss it in the back of your car or SUV or stack a few of them in the garage. Either way you will feel more secure knowing that you have a convenient and well designed kit during an emergency. In addition, you won't believe the taste of the food in this 72 hour kit!

Holiday Special Premium 2 Week Family Supply And 20 Gallon Water Tank, 40% Off

The Family 2 Week Premium kit is the perfect kit to give as a gift this holiday season or add a little flavor to the food storage you already have. With a combination of our delicious breakfasts, entrees and our freeze dried fruit and vegetables you are all set in one small kit. Don’t forget It comes with a tank big enough for all the water you will need! Get yours for your family now!

Holiday Fruit Bucket With Survival Knife, 30% Off

With seven varieties of fruit, this Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket will make a great addition to any fruit lovers food storage. Not only does it provide variety, but it will add plenty of color and flavor to enhance your everyday meals. You’ll get a great variety of delicious fruit you can use in smoothies, desserts, salads, or even just for snacking! Add them to your recipes by rehydrating them in warm water, or simply open the bags and enjoy. Warning though, once opened, you may not be able to put these fruit bags down.

Holiday Meat Bucket and Survival Knife, 30% Off

All of your favorite freeze dried meat in one easy bucket. Get a great bucket full of nutrient rich, protein packed meat that will add to any dish. All natural, GMO free, preservative free meats are perfect for any occasion. Get yours for a quick meal or save it for an emergency with its 25-year shelf-life you can't go wrong. Get yours today!
Basic monthly food storage plan

Basic Monthly Plan

7 entrees and 2 breakfast items per month with Standard Food Storage Plan. Within a year thats enough food for 2 people for 3 whole months.
standard monthly food storage plan

Standard Monthly Plan

If you are looking for an affordable way to buy your yearly supply of food storage, our Monthly Food Plans are the plans for you. When you purchase the Standard Food Storage Plan, you will receive a bundle of food each month that contains 7 entrees and 2 breakfast items.
Advanced Monthly Food Storage Plan

Advanced Monthly Plan

This is our best value and one of our best selling products! We know that in todays economy its not always easy to pay the upfront cost to get your family prepared. By offering you 14 entrees and 5 breakfast items a month in this Advanced Monthly Plan, in one year you will have enough food for 4 people for 3 months.

A Better Choice

People everywhere love our food! Oh did I mention we are cheaper too? Contact us today so we can help you get started! Need More Reasons?

What Others are Saying About Us testimonial bubble

I purchased some food storage from Valley Food Storage, and I was extremely impressed by the service as well as the taste of the food. I have tried other local food storage companies and they don’t even compare to Valley Food Storage. I have and would recommend this company to everyone I know.
Blake T- Valley Food Storage Customer

In times of sickness and uneasy times, food storage at a great price is awesome! Valley food storage is just that great customer service with people that know what they are talking about! You guys are great!
Chase Adams- Valley Food Storage Customer

…I don’t hesitate (even a little bit) to recommend Valley Food Storage products to you. I don’t think that you will be disappointed at all. My future plans definitely include ordering some of the other entrees to give a try.
Tom- Valley Food Storage Customer

In times of sickness and uneasy times, food storage at a great price is awesome! Valley food storage is just that great customer service with people that know what they are talking about! You guys are great!
shawntheviking- Valley Food Storage Customer
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The Best Food to Make You Feel Good!

A much better choice

This question can be answered with one word – Quality! We Believe that food storage should be healthy, convenient and taste delicious. To achieve this we only use the best natural ingredients that contain the necessary vitamins, nutrients and dietary needs to not only allow you to survive, but to thrive! We also wanted to create products that allow people with dietary restrictions to store fantastic tasting meals that align with their dietary decisions.

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