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Valley Food Storage Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We have the perfect gift ideas for all the special people in your life this Holiday Season. Check off your list here with some of our favorites! The Nice List   Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal: The delicious foundation to an active day. Whether trekking the Appalachian Trail or family game of backyard football, enjoy the […]

Free Free Dried Sausage With All Long Term Kits!

Purchase any of these kits at retail price and receive a free gift of Freeze Dried Sausage! *Use code “sausage” at checkout! 1 Year Kits – Recieve 1 Freeze Dried Sausage Bucket ($239.99 Value) 3 Month Kits –  Receive 3 Freeze Dried Sausage Packs ($59.85 Value) 1 Month Kits – Receive 1 Freeze Dried Sausage Pack ($19.95)  

Top 7 Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Are Going To Love  Everyone loves a tasty snack, especially children. Kids love coming home to grab a quick bite to eat after school or after playing with friends. The food choices they make during these crucial years will have a lasting impact on the development of their brains and bodies. Our […]

Customer Appreciation Giveaway!

It’s Giveaway Time! It’s giveaway time again around here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We have decided we want to thank our amazing customers this month, and to show our support every order you make will be automatically entered in to win one of our great prizes below! *Any order of any value counts as […]

Prep 101: How to Prepare for and Survive In Tornado Alley, The Midwest

Preparing for tornado alley

*Editors Note: This is part 1 in the series “Prep 101” look for the tag to read the rest. Let’s talk tornado alley… Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado, and South Dakota make up this windy region of the great US (honorable mention goes to Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Twisters […]

Must Know Tips For Emergency Water Storage

Must Know Tips For Emergency Water Storage

Food storage is a common topic these days, especially since the world seems to be throwing its finest-disaster curve balls at us lately. Being prepared for an emergency situation is a machine with many working parts. We have come a long way since the days of living in caves and wrasslin up lunch with our […]

How to Wax Food for Long-Term Storage

How to Wax Food for Long-Term Storage

You may have noticed a glossy sheen on the fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store. This wax coating actually serves a purpose; wax holds in moisture and slows oxygen penetration, which in turn slows the ripening process. Wax coating allows preservatives to give food a higher shelf life, which is ideal for food […]

8 Pro Tips To Get Maximum Shelf Life From Your Food Storage

Those who are wise enough to prepare for an emergency know that food storage is essential. However, without a little guidance, important steps can often be overlooked. You may have a “well-equipped” pantry full of food, but in a crisis scenario that half-full bag of Doritos is not going to get you and your family […]