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Freeze Drying Food From Home Without a Machine

Freeze Drying At Home With Out A MACHINE

Can It be done? Absolutely! This may come as a shock to many, but you don’t need one of the big fancy freeze drying machines to actually make your own freeze dried food. Let’s discuss how you can do this at home. There Are 2 Methods Of Freeze Drying Your Own Food 1. The Home […]

Top 10 Foods You Are Storing Wrong Right Now!

The Top 10 foods you are storing wrong

You are probably a lot like me, and guilty of throwing away a lot of your groceries almost every week. Does that bother you? I know it kills me watching all that good food and hard earned money hit the bottom of the garbage can. If it bothers you as much as it does me […]

Mid Summer Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time again around here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Summer is always the best time to get your family’s emergency preparedness started and we want to help a few lucky people be ready for anything. The drawing will be done June 30th!  1st Prize  Emergency Family Everything Kit This has quickly become […]

Prep 101: 9 Disasters That You Need To Prepare For

9 Disasters That You Need To Prepare For

*Editors Note: This is part 1 in the series “Prep 101” look for the tag to read the rest. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They often show up with little to no warning, are never welcome, and have been known to overstay their visit. The more you’re familiar with these unwelcome “guests,” the better […]

6 Emergency Foods Every Family Should Store

6 Emergency Foods Every Family Should Have (2)

  There are many people in the world that walk around with an “it won’t happen to me” attitude; they feel like a crisis situation is only something they see other people go through while they watch the nightly news and enjoy a slice of pizza. The truth is… no one is immune to disaster. […]

5 Overlooked Must Have Camping Items

5 Overlooked Camping Items

We are deep in the belly of summer and that means camping season is in full force. The wilderness lovers of the world are in their prime and loving every second spent romping in the great outdoors. But even the most experienced campers forget essentials that can make life on a mountain easier and more […]

Trumps First 100 Days: What Does It Mean For Emergency Preparedness?

Trumps First 100 Days: What Does It Mean For Emergency Preparedness?

The first 100 days have become a standard in which we judge the adequacy of our new president. It started with President Franklin Roosevelt, who jumped in feet first. He signed 76 bills and rolled out the New Deal within his first 100 days and now every president since has been trying to live up […]

6 Ways To Eliminate Food Waste

6 Ways To Eliminate Food Waste

  We live in a society that tends to throw things away. In fact, Americans generate about 220 million tons of waste each year. This includes food. If your mom was anything like mine, she used to tell you to eat your food because there were kids in Africa that were starving. But it actually […]

Why Does Valley Food Storage Do What They Do?

Why choose Valley Food Storage

We Get The Question What Makes You Different, But Maybe The Better Question Is Why? We often get the question, “what makes you different?” The answer is simple; answer we give is that we use only the best food, eliminating all unnatural and unhealthy ingredients so you are left with the best tasting, most nutritional, longest […]

Surviving The Flood Waters

Surviving The Flood

This winter has brought plenty of snow and rain to the western states. We’ve been seeing record amounts of moisture, and while it is much needed due to the droughts that have been experienced in recent years, the levels we’re seeing are causing other natural disasters such as floods. While the waters rise, images of […]