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5 Basic Knots You Need To Know

Most people can tie a bow, after all it’s the same knot used to tie your shoes. Even fewer people can tie a tie. But knots are used for all types of chores and activities. They are found in everything from fishing and boating to crafts. Knowing which knot should be used can be helpful […]

A Guide to What is Edible in the Wild

A Guide to What is Edible in the Wild

Toxic or Safe? The Million Dollar Question We’ve all seen a movie or read a book about someone being lost in the woods, yearning for a juicy steak, but instead, they are surrounded by shrubbery, which may or may not be fatal when ingested. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in this dilemma. There is […]

5 Overlooked Must Have Camping Items

5 Overlooked Camping Items

We are deep in the belly of summer and that means camping season is in full force. The wilderness lovers of the world are in their prime and loving every second spent romping in the great outdoors. But even the most experienced campers forget essentials that can make life on a mountain easier and more […]

The Ultimate Paracord Uses List

The Ultimate Paracord Uses List

  Paracord seems to be a pretty standard item for preparedness. It is a lightweight rope that is usually made from nylon. It usually consists of a braided exterior that encases interior strands. Type III paracord has a minimum breaking point of 550 pounds, making this a great multi-tool of rope. There are hundreds of […]

10 Ways to keep your cool, without power

As the temperatures rise, you may be cranking up the A/C or the swamp cooler. While these can be great ways to cool down, they rely on power. Power outages can happen at any time leaving you without that lovely A/C you have come to depend on. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your cool […]

10 Must Have Hiking Supplies You Can’t Afford To Leave Home

10 Must Have Hiking Supplies You Can't Afford To Leave Home

We love hiking season! We love the spectacular views, a cool breeze on your face, a waterfall at your destination, sandy dunes, rock outcroppings, trees, all of it. There is something about being in nature that makes the worries of the world, well… less worrisome. Hiking is not only a great way to get away […]

Camping 101: Where To Pitch Your Tent?

Camping 101: Where To Pitch Your Tent?

  It’s camping season! If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to night time skies filled with stars, roaring fires with the smell of roasting marshmallows, and of course, warmer nights that mean you can sleep outdoors. If you are headed out with a tent and sleeping bag, ready for an adventure, you’ll need […]

Trumps First 100 Days: What Does It Mean For Emergency Preparedness?

Trumps First 100 Days: What Does It Mean For Emergency Preparedness?

The first 100 days have become a standard in which we judge the adequacy of our new president. It started with President Franklin Roosevelt, who jumped in feet first. He signed 76 bills and rolled out the New Deal within his first 100 days and now every president since has been trying to live up […]

4 Ways To Build A Fire Without Matches

4 ways to start a fire without matches

  If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, one of the first things you’ll be thinking of is fire. It provides a means of staying warm, a way of cooking your food, or boiling and purifying water. It also provides a bit of comfort in what could be a very scary situation. However, […]

Things You Need To Know About an Avalanche

Avalanche Preparedness

It’s the perfect time for winter sports! Whether it be snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, snowmobiling, or other sport, the snow is calling to you. It can be relaxing and peaceful to spend some time in a world blanketed by snow. Everything looks clean and pure. However, the snow can hold hidden dangers. Avalanches happen quickly. […]