Doge and Other Things That Don't Matter in an Emergency

July 27, 2021 12 min read

things that don't matter in an emergency

In this episode of the Practical Prepper Podcast, Schmitt looks at his long-lost friends’ modern-day lifestyles and remembers how easy it is to place value in frivolous things that really bear no gain to the self in the long run.

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In today’s day and age, we are surrounded by distractions.

With phones in hand, we have access to all of the latest memes, news, celebrity gossip stories, and an endless supply of social media content.

It is so easy to lose sight of what the essential things are in life. With so much to access right in the palms of our hands, it’s no wonder how people can easily be distracted from preparing for the future.


In an emergency, the last thing you want to worry is about not being prepared. Download our Emergency Preparedness Checklist and be ready for any eventuality.

And, who can really blame them?

Who doesn’t want to be endlessly entertained by what the internet has to offer? Why worry about the future when you can occupy yourself with funny pictures, get hyped about the rollercoaster ride of cryptocurrency, or mindlessly scroll through your Facebook feed to know what your friends are up to?

Natural disasters or nuclear bomb disasters may come as a wild surprise to you, and you need to know how far you have to be from a nuclear explosion to survive but… The unprepared public prefers to live this way instead of being prepared for any unforeseen happenings. Shocking right?

The funny thing is, many of the things they place value in, wouldn’t really matter at all in the case of an emergency. Preparing for any emergency is needed.

But, please, don’t judge them. They haven’t been down the same road you have.


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download emergency preparedness checklist


Nor have they made the same life-long decisions to better themselves as you have.

Not everyone can be the survivalist you have created yourself to be today. However, they can begin to learn. 

What people believe matters now won’t be worth their weight in salt when it hits the fan.

You don’t have to let them keep living blindly, though.

You can help make a difference in people’s lives, and be the compass that points them straight again.



Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Practical Prepper Podcast. My name is Schmidt, and I'll be your host for Today. I was recently at a friend's house that I haven't seen in quite some time, and as I was looking around his place and just kind of getting an understanding for the person he's become since the last time I saw him, notice that he had a lot of frivolous things around his house. He cared and greatly concerned with things that really didn't have any importance whatsoever. And after I left, I kind of thought of a saying from a movie. The quote kind of sets the theme for today's episode don't let yourself get attached to anything you're not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner. Now, this comes from Robert De Niro's portrayal of a bank robber in the 1995 film Heat. He was smart, calculated, disciplined, and most importantly, he prepared. He took the time to secure himself for any situation that waited around the corner, no matter what it was in the movie. He had bug out, bags packed and ready. He had several safe house locations where he could take shelter in if things hit the fan. And most importantly, he held a steel demeanor during the moments when everything and everyone was drifting up the brown creek and nobody had a paddle except for him. And we never had to watch him hesitate with the decisions that he made when it came time to act, because he was always acting on things that he was prepared to deal with. He was never wasting time over unimportant matters. He didn't have to choose what trinkets he wanted to take with them when the cops were coming, because he didn't surround himself with materialistic novelties. When an emergency arrived on his doorstep, he didn't have to stall to make a decision of whether his cryptocurrency was going to keep him afloat to the end or he was always thinking ahead. He was stocked on food, essential supplies, emergency resources. He was always ready for the worst. He was, metaphorically a true survivalist. I don't know how many of you out there have seen this movie, but it is a classic. And if you take the antagonistic and immoral characteristics of being a professional bank robber out of the equation, I'm sure most, if not all of you can at least admire in some way and relate to the principles of how he was prepared. But that's just a character in a movie. I mean, the stories and characters we see on the big screen are focused, and they're there to tell a point. They're not accurate depictions of real life. And in reality, when an emergency does present itself, I mean, we can believe we're prepared with the highest caliber to take on whatever it is and overcome the challenge. But the truth of the matter is, there's a lot of things out there that can distract us. What we do focus on can sometimes become a complete waste of our time so relevant to the situation at hand. I'm sure you could think of other people out there, just like my friend who wastes time and effort and concerns and worries about nonsensical things instead of actually preparing. And if you were to take a moment out of your day and sit down with them. Whether it be a friend or a family member or even a coworker. Your neighbor. Just someone who justifiably you perceive as someone who is unprepared unequipped in every facet of the sense and you ask them what would you do if the world as you know it were to come to an end tomorrow? If you had to call yourself to action and protect yourself and your family and your loved ones, if society was collapsing and there was mayhem in the streets exactly what would you do? How would you survive? What do you have on hand? Would you still believe that everything that you think is important now would still be relevant? Then ask them if they were either forced to evacuate the country or stay bunkered inside their home for even a year in order to survive. Ask them if they truly believe that they would actually make it. Don't accept like, yeah, I'm sure I could survive. I mean I've got ramen and a cupboard full of baked bean cans and when I get bored my dog can keep me company and there's always Amazon. You'll never know what you're going to find there but I'll do just fine on my own. That's not an answer from someone who's a true survivalist. That's an answer from someone who thinks they can survive but in all reality has invested no time or effort to actually be prepared. See when a true survivalist hears an answer like that you can immediately call it right then and there that deep down that person has misplaced all their values in the wrong things and just knowing people and how candid they are and how much they love to talk about themselves. I bet you, I bet if you ask follow up questions as to why they would survive and how they would survive, you could easily pick apart their answer and discover in excruciating detail exactly what it is that they think they need to do an emergency or what they wholeheartedly believe they need to have when it comes to being prepared. And you could see their mistakes. And to be fair, you really shouldn't be surprised by what they have to say. I mean they've already chosen to take shelter on this golden pedestal of an unprepared society. I mean when a natural disaster brings the world to its knees they're not going to be checking their Twitter to see how many people have given a like to the picture of their cat that they posted on Tuesday when the stores get ransacked. They're not going to say god, Dang, I wish I had my Nintendo. No, they're going to say god, I wish I had clean water to drink. God, I wish I had food to eat. They're going to tell themselves that they wish they had prepared and thought ahead. They'll see that all the things that they relied on to get through the day don't really matter. And here in this moment of vulnerable realization as they're talking with you, would be a moment for you to extend a hand. You could be their teacher, you could teach them a valuable life lesson, something that you learned along the way and made you the survivalist that you are today, because you know things that they don't. You have a hardened survivalist spirit who can guide them to a stronger sense of self. I mean, there are probably people out there that don't even know the basics like you do. And while you're all very well aware of the staggering importance of having food and shelter and all with the effortless responsibility that it takes to have even a stockpile reserve of survival food and fresh water and for a lot of people they just don't know yet, they don't see the importance of it. And to them you can recommend a mountain of advice. Personally, if I could recommend anything, it would be to stock up on survival food because you always think that food will be there, but you have no idea how quickly, in the worst of scenarios, you're going to be left hungry. Even if you take every single resource that you have at its bare minimum value, if you're not prepared with even food, I mean, food is what people will fight for. They will disregard their loved ones, the people that they cherish, so they can eat. It's a sense of self survival. It's self preservation. It's naturally ingrained in us. And no one should have to make that choice. Not you, not the unprepared people, no one. And if it comes down to just survival food, I would personally like to recommend today's sponsor. It's Valley Food Storage. Valley Food Storage is the pinnacle of long term survival food. I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't stand by them in their words and their products and their meals. I've said this before and I'll say it again, they were the answer to my survival food needs during the pandemic and they will always be the company that I rely on in the future. I went to two different companies before I found diet food storage and I was disgusted by what both of them had delivered. And don't be fooled by companies out there who boast about high calorie count in their meals. If you look closely, it's all filler and junk and artificial ingredients. That's what makes Valley Food Storage great and different is the fact that they don't do what other companies do. They use simple and clean ingredients in all of their meals to give the body fuel and sustainability to help get through an emergency. And unlike other companies that taste like sawdust and plastic, valley Food Storage has great tasting meals that provide nutritional value with high quality calories. Plus it has a 25 year shelf life. So you can rely on Valley Food Storage for a quarter century. And as a personal thank you to you for being a listener to this podcast as a true survivalist that you are. They're providing a 25% off discount order on all products purchased for all of you practical preppers out there. All you need to do is just go to Practicalprepper to unlock your 25% discount on your entire survival food order that's Valleyfoodstorage comraptical prepper and you will have 25% discounted off your entire order. And just as it's that easy to save money on survival food, it can be just as easy to sit down with somebody that you care about to help prevent them from setting themselves up for failure. Have a cup of coffee with them, talk with them, find out what's important to them, kind of give them some guidance on what's actually important in the world of prepping and survivalism. I mean, it may be effortless for you to prepare for the worst and always hope for the best. But by enlightening them, you can help bring them up to where you're at. Like they may think investing money in Bitcoin or DOJ is more important than investing in even the simple necessity of a well equipped stash of medical supplies and survival tools. But cryptocurrency fluctuates with the world market. And really, depending on the circumstances, you may not be able to just whip out a computer and transfer funds from crypto to your cash asset channels. I mean, it really takes no time to help them understand that even having a minimalistic bug out bag that's properly equipped with even the barest essentials like first aid, multitools water purifiers, survival foods, shelter kits, tradable commodities, you name it, that will have mountains more worth than how many subscribers that they have on Instagram. Invite them under your wing. Help them learn how skills like gardening and cultivating natural resources can give you perpetual security in a catastrophic situation. They will begin to feel far more secure with themselves than the feelings of Insecurities. They try to hide with things like trends or games. And if you're thinking to yourself right now, this guy is full of it. No way am I going to do that. I mean, what if they tell people or they come back when they're desperate and try to take my stuff? Well, that's another golden opportunity right there because you can show them something that they simply can't have effortlessly. They can't just take it from you. It's something that can't be bought. It's something that's earned. And that's your mentality, your discipline, your steel will to survive. You can show them all this stuff you want, but what they will really be seeing from you. What really stands out the most will be your nature. Your model of discipline and commitment to this way of life will impact them in a monumental way. Your experiences and your wisdom in preparing to protect yourself in your future will speak volumes more to them than anything they could read on social media, than any meme could offer them. Because those who live on that golden pedestal of an unprepared society don't know what you know. They haven't achieved that level of enlightenment, nor have they had the opportunity to learn from the experiences that you have gone through, the lessons that you have gained, the wisdom that you can share. Because apart from all of the materialistic objects that can help you survive in a catastrophic situation knowledge, food, shelter, necessities, proactive, ingenuity, long term resourcing skills these are all but a few of the things that a true survivalist places importance and value in. Because these are the things that truly matter during an emergency. When it hits the fan, certain people are going to realize exactly how much time they've wasted because they were so concerned with living in the now, they failed to prepare for the when they are not prepared for an emergency, it's because the precedence of their misplaced reliance on so many frivolous things, depending on them to get them through the day. That's what's going to be their downfall. I mean, even if you take a look at what's trending on Google or Twitter outside of possibly like one news story, none of it really matters. There's nothing to learn. There's nothing to gain for the long run. Celebrities won't help when there's no food on the shelves. The latest comic book movie won't clean your water for you to drink. A viral video of a Karen getting outraged at Starbucks over coffee is not going to teach you how to survive when the power goes out. It's a detrimental flaw that so many people fall to when they allow themselves to become overwhelmed by everything around them because it's just a distraction from the things that really matter in the long run. During moments like this, that's when you could stand up, you could be the difference in someone's life. You could reach out to someone who matters to you, who could benefit from your help, and you could show them the door to preparing for whatever awaits in the future. Because something that is more important than being prepared for yourself is having those people who are closest to you be prepared right along with you. I mean, no one wants to see their family or friends be helpless. You don't have to be a soloist prepper out there in the world. On the positive side, when you teach somebody and you inspire them to start taking those first steps to preparing for their future, they might learn something in their own journey and they might teach you something as well. And together, you'll become stronger survivalists. If their strength in numbers and knowledge is a gift, then you can make it Christmas or any kind of holiday you choose to celebrate. Anyways, on that note, I think we'll bring today's episode to a close. I've been your host, Schmidt, and as always, I would love to hear some of the things that you practical preppers would say are very important and critically overlooked during an emergency and what takes precedence over other things. Because it's always interesting to see the different types of feedback we get from people all over the world preparing in their own survivalist situation in their own way. And once again, I'd like to thank valley Food storage for sponsoring today's episode. Remember, they are offering a 25% off discount code for your entire order when you go to valleyfoodstorage. Compracticalprepper. You could save 25% off your entire order of long term survival food, or you can even save 25% off when you order Valley food storage as a gift. For someone who's just starting off on their survivalist prepping journey, that first bucket could be someone's first baby steps better in themselves to becoming a survivalist. Just like all of you listeners, I'd like to thank everyone once again for tuning in. And as always, be prepared and take care.