Does History Repeat Itself? | How You Can Be Ready for Post-COVID Inflation

July 12, 2021 2 min read

inflation after 2020

In today’s episode of the Practicle Prepper Podcast, Schmitty takes a peek inside the history books and compares the events of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to the Covid-19 Pandemic of today.

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If history supposedly repeats itself, then what can we possibly expect to see for the future of our economy and our society?

Surprisingly enough, the events which occurred in 1918 are actually not so drastically different from what is occurring in the modern day.

We’re already beginning to see the effects of the economic fallout from closing down the country last year.

But what we want to know is if we will fare better than 1920’s America did after they closed down the country.

There are lessons can we learn from America’s past economic infrastructure.

Hopefully, we can expect to see a huge economic boom in growth just like the Roaring 20’s experienced.

Or, will we go in the other direction?

Jumping straight to 1929 to experience our own great depression.

These are the issues everyone wants to know so we can prepare ourselves for what’s around the corner.

History may repeat itself but no one can truly know what events the future may bring.

Nor can they know how the economy will fare as we return back to full operation.

However, by looking at today’s current events and comparing them to the past, we can tell that some safety measures will need to be taken to protect our finances.

The effects of inflation will undoubtedly raise the standard cost of living.

As the nation is in the process of bouncing back, we can expect to be charged more for the items we depend on. But, there are opportunities for you to take advantage of.

And in this podcast, Schmitt goes beyond long term food storage buckets and provides some financial insight into how you can protect your financial assets from the negative impacts of inflation.

Financial security should be a top priority for everyone, and Schmit has researched ways for you to guarantee your financial assets remain unaffected by the rising costs of inflation.