Why Floods Are The Deadliest Type of Emergency You Need to Be Ready For

August 02, 2021 2 min read

flooding prepardness

In this episode of the Practical Prepper Podcast, we break down the rationality as to why Floods are the deadliest of natural emergencies.

The Host of today’s episode, Schmitt, draws comparisons and differences in how we handle ourselves when placed in the hands of mother nature.

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How we prepare ourselves before tragedy strikes. And discusses exactly how underprepared we have been, time and time again, when facing the danger of floods. How can we improve our chances of surviving them? Which places have suffered the most and what can we learn from their loss to strengthen ourselves today?

What is the real cost of experiencing a flood? And what dangers go missed following even in the smallest of floods? Which natural emergency poses the deadliest threat to mankind?

Of all of nature’s forces that cause devastation and destruction, floods are responsible for the overwhelming majority of fatalities every single year. They have the ability to occur without warning.

What begins as a simple rainstorm or a heavy surf coming to shore quickly elevates to rampant mudslides and catastrophic devastation. They are an unstoppable force that mankind has repeatedly failed to overcome unscathed.

For the past twenty-two years, floods have caused over a trillion dollars in damages worldwide and claimed countless lives. This force of nature has demonstrated its incredible power by moving mountains… literally.

When large amounts of water accumulate, homes are lost, cities become buried, and we are once again left helpless in the wake of nurture’s unpredictability.

Find out all this and more, on this episode of the Practical Prepper Podcast!