Economic Fallout - Why Closing The Country Will Lead to Years of Problems

July 08, 2021 2 min read

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Welcome back, Survivalists!

On this episode of the Practical Prepper Podcast our newest host, Schmitty joins the family.

He’ll be here with you today to discuss critical aspects of the economic fallout we may see as a result of closing the country last year.

Are you concerned about the dangers of a recession threatening America’s future?

Aware of the growing crisis on the west coast?

Or, are you simply wondering why your local retailer’s shelves are still barren after all this time?

Then let this episode broadly provide you valuable insight into the current state and future of our economic climate.

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An overwhelming number of businesses were forced to close their doors permanently.

Many hard-working Americans were forced into desperation after losing their jobs.

Some are still facing overwhelming hardships to this day.

And, as we headstrong into the future, we can’t help but wonder what problems are waiting around the corner.

Schmitty provides a few of his predictions as to some of the serious underlying problems that we may affect us for years to come, describing what it may cost to return to normal.

The infrastructure we’ve relied on for generations may be forced to change to adapt to the situations that had impacted our free market.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Schmitty was on the road to begin his own start-up company before the pandemic shut the world down.

Like many Americans and people around the world, Schmitty was forced to sit and watch the bright future of his business venture disappear before his very eyes.

Another soul, like so many others, who suffered incredible losses.

But, he learned a valuable lesson in preparation and adaptability since March last year.

During his time in lockdown, he began heavily researching current events to get a feel for what We as Americans could expect when the economy reopened.

He studied which previous economic recovery plans had worked and which one’s failed during times of historical crisis.

He researched the probabilities of which industries would bounce back with ease and reasoned why certain companies would struggle.

And, he discovered a little-known crisis happening on the west coast which impacts every major market around the world!

Remember to always prepare for the worst and hope for the best as we continue to strive and survive in this beautiful country of ours. Make sure you have your survival food buckets ready to go!

We hope you welcome our newest host Schmitty much as we have.

It may not be the most upbeat episode in our catalog, but neither is the reality of a crippled economy.

Enjoy this episode of the Practical Prepper Podcast and have a great day!