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Why Giving Long Term Food Is The Best Gift You Can Give

April 13, 2019 2 min read

Why Giving Food Is The Best Gift Of All As the holidays roll around, a lot of people are focused on what kind of gift to give to their loved ones. And while there are numerous options, it's not always easy to choose the  right one. But for many, giving something as simple as food storage could be a perfect gift and help provide some very real benefits to the recipient.

If you're tired of handing out the same cheap plastic gifts only to know that they'll end up  getting tossed away or never used, food might be just the thing you are looking for. Here are  some of the reasons why emergency food gift packs are a great idea.

• It's Practical – Sure, another toy or another collectible to hang on the wall might be a gift that your loved one will appreciate, it doesn't really do a lot for the person. Emergency food doesn’t have to be used right away and it doesn't have to be tossed. It's something that could be used without warning, and provides your loved one with one less thing to purchase – especially as the colder months and winter storms loom large. We have talked to many of our customers and realize very quickly that they feel much better when they know that they have protected their family rather than getting the same old tie.

• It's Thoughtful – Giving food like an emergency food kit tells someone that you love them, care about them, and want them to be safe. Instead of just grabbing that body wash gift set that they get every year, giving them a food set lets them know that your heart really is in the right place, and gives you the peace of mind that you did what you could to help that person or family out.

• It Keeps On Giving – Some of the food may just be put into storage. But when the need arises, having it there and ready to go means that your loved one will be able to use the food you gave them months earlier. It's something that could be like the holidays all over again, months later.

• It Provides Peace of Mind – Peace of mind not only for you, but for your loved ones. Knowing that food is there in case of an emergency helps reduce stress for everyone and lets you all relax a bit knowing that if something comes up, there are food options available that won't spoil quickly.

All in all, giving food has become a perfect way to show someone that you love them, that you're really thinking about them, and that you want them to be safe. It's a great gift option for anyone, and if you're struggling to figure out what to give this year, look no further.

Need some good ideas to start? We can help you with some fantastic ideas. For a great family 1-week food and emergency kit- try our Grab and Go bucket. Or if you are looking for a 3-month supply see our starter kit listed below. Either of these would be a fantastic way to get your family started! [products ids="4728, 1933, 1429" ]