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Why Fall Is The Best Time For Your Food Storage

April 13, 2019 2 min read

What do squirrels do in Fall? They scamper around frantically gathering nuts to store away for the winter months. Although this behavior may seem nuts to those of us who are just a comfortable heated drive away from the local grocery store, in reality it’s nuts to not use the autumn months to prepare your winter food storage. Fall is harvest season. This means that a wider variety of foods will be available during the autumn months. This makes fall the perfect time to prepare and store all of those delicious autumn vegetables for the winter months.

Traditionally, squirrels aren’t the only ones who have treated Fall as the perfect opportunity to prepare long-term winter food storage. Communities that lived closer to the land than most of us do today also used this time wisely. Fall has often been a time when people have begun to store foods for the winter season. Food storage also becomes easier in Fall because the relentless heat of summer has lessened. Fall is the ideal time to store autumn tubers and root vegetables, which will last a full season in cold storage.

As a rule, autumn foods such as gourds, winter squash, and pumpkins should not be kept in cold storage for longer than a month. However, you can gut, cut, and even puree and can these if you wish to store them for longer periods. String beans are another great autumn vegetable that can be easily stored for winter use. You can can these or simply blanch and freeze them.

Another great way to add variety to your winter diet is through storing autumn berries. Blackberries, for example, can be placed in long-term food storage in Fall. Cook them into a jelly and can this to enjoy a taste of late summer, along with a healthy dose of vitamin C, throughout the winter months. You can also fresh freeze the whole berries in an airtight container for winter use. Whatever your autumn and winter food storage needs, Valley Food Storage has everything you need to prepare yourself for winter, emergencies, and more.