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Why Does Valley Food Storage Do What They Do?

April 16, 2019 2 min read

We Get The Question What Makes You Different, But Maybe The Better Question Is Why?

We often get the question, “what makes you different?” The answer is simple; answer we give is that we use only the best food, eliminating all unnatural and unhealthy ingredients so you are left with the best tasting, most nutritional, longest lasting food storage product on the market. It’s a great answer and for most people, that’s what they want to hear. I think the better question to ask our company is, “why do you do it?” This is one of my our favorite questions to getthe answer because it explains so much of why we work so hard to do what we do.

Life Changing Experience

The answer It all starts began a few years ago when the founding members of the company started to look looking for food for their own families. They looked online and in stores and made a purchase purchases, thinking they have had done the best they could to protect their families. After doing more research, and learning more and more about food and nutrition they checked the freeze dried food they had bought years before. To their astonishment, they read the labels of the food and found that it was not close to being wasn’t good enough for the purpose for which it was bought for. You see, the food was packed with artificial ingredients, harsh preservatives, and full of sugary drinks and fillers. This was an eye-opening and life-changing experience. We quickly realized that thousands and thousands of people were buyinga product products that wouldn’t be useful when they needed it. We knew that people deserved more from a food storage product. We looked long and hard for something we couldtrust, when we couldn’t find anything we needed, we knew there was a place for a company thatput their customers first.

You are the reason why we started Valley Food Storage.

Providing a real, healthy, long lasting food that will be there to provide the best nutrition at any possible minute is our passion. We know that you depend on Valley Food Storage at good times and bad, and that’s why we do what we do. You and your family will alwayswill always come first at Valley Food Storage. When it comes to the quality, taste, customer service, and prices, everything we do its is to make sure that we are there when you need us most. Whether it’s a healthy snack for your kids, a dinner at home or in the backcountry, or in an emergency situation, you can depend on us, and we take that seriously. Visit us soon, and find out why we are different.

Let us so show you how we keep expanding and tell us how we can improve to meet your needs. As always, thanks for stopping by. -The Valley Food Storage Founders And Team 1-month-value-kit 4662 copy fruit-ad-2_16153833_96b21b2fe8b8ad5540ff88758a1d366ebcd75156-1 fruit-ad-2_16153833_b2f6e8ec5f4a96d84f7eba7bc2bd45dff571d9b6