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Why Do People Have Food Storage In 2016?

April 16, 2019 3 min read

Many Reasons To Have Food Storage
There are so many reasons to keep an emergency supply of food available for you and your family. You never really know when something might happen, disaster might strike, or when you may be stuck in your home with 4 kids all day. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you will want to have some food set aside whether its an unforeseen problem, natural disaster, or dinner is just to hard to cook dinner that night. You may want to think about having an emergency food kit in your home, office, car and more.

Natural Disasters

empty food storage shelves
Lets get the big one out of the way, this is the one is the fear tactic that most companies and sites push. I would like to dispel this, but the problem is its completely true. If you live in an area where there are regular tornado warnings, hurricane warnings, blizzards or earthquakes, you have probably seen the grocery stores with empty shelves and people who were forced to go home with nothing. Natural disasters are hard to predict, and it is never a guarantee that you will be left untouched. A great way to ensure that your family will have the best possible odds is by preparing. In the moment disaster strikes, no one wants to be thinking about what kinds of food to grab out of the pantry on your way out the door. If you purchase a food storage kit, it is ready to go where you need it at a moment’s notice.

Peace Of Mind

Most of us have known the feeling of being so worried about tomorrow that sleep is just a far off impossibility. Would knowing that your family is prepared will give you the peace of mind and help you rest easier at night? I know it is for myself, no matter the issue or the problem I know that my family will not go without a good hot meal. Keep your long term food storage kit in the area where you stay when a disaster is headed your way. Basements and underground cellars provide a great storage area that is cool and out of direct sunlight. In the event that something is headed your way, you can just take your family and get to your emergency shelter. Your supplies will be ready, waiting and welcoming when you get there.

Too tired for dinner

[embed][/embed] Many people do not consider this as an emergency situation, but if you have a few hungry, grumpy kids you know that sometimes its more dangerous than a 9 foot grizzly bear. Sometimes you need something as easy as boiling water, and boom, dinner is served. The best part is that you can be sure that its healthy, incredibly tasty and at most kits going for $1.50 a serving you cant go wrong!

Food Storage Kits Vs. Regular Food?

There are several advantages to purchasing a food storage kit instead of just stocking up on pantry staples. A food storage kit is designed to last a really, really, really long time. With kits that can last up to 25 years, you know that anytime and anywhere you will be totally ready. They come in storage-friendly containers and are made to be stored in small places. If you were to go out and purchase enough food to feed a family of four for a week, you would be left with boxes and bags full of supplies that may take up a good portion of your shelter. Plus, they would only have a shelf life of a couple months to a year at most.
Our food storage kits come with a variety of entrees. You can find everything from pancakes to macaroni and cheese and chili in one kit. There is sure to be something for each member of your family to eat. Each kit uses real ingredients with no hydrogenated oils or preservatives. The meals come in resealable packages and are made with a free-drying process and a nitrogen flush to ensure that they will stay fresh.
Even if you don't buy from us, please take our advice and bypass that next big purchase you may or may not need and pick up so food. This way you will be totally ready!