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Why Choose Valley Food Storage?

April 13, 2019 2 min read

At Valley Food Storage, we believe in healthy and wholesome foods. These tried and true recipes are full of natural flavors. With these recipes you can expect to see ingredients that you can find at the grocery store. Picture meals where you can pronounce each ingredient and know exactly what you are putting into your body.

You’ll be able to trust that you are serving your family healthy, delicious meals that not only taste great, but they don’t contain any weird preservatives and fillers. By enhancing our recipes with real flavors and ingredients instead of fillers, you can ensure your family will love every bite.

We’ve started with classic recipes and created meals that can be stored for years. Our meals call for real freeze dried food ingredients. Those might include milk and real cheddar cheese or even cream cheese to create the creamy delicious taste and consistency you’ve come to love in soups and casseroles. Or the recipe may call for real chiles and peppers for a slightly spicy kick you will crave. Each of these recipes has been carefully crafted and developed to meet our standards. Using those real ingredients, they all will have that made from scratch taste your grandmother would be proud of. Each meal comes in convenient food pouches and containers and they are preserved to last. By using a combination of techniques for food preservation, you can count on your food storage for 25 years without having to add in unnatural ingredients and preservatives. Not only do we nitrogen flush the packaging, but we also use oxygen absorbers. That means when the worst you can imagine happens, your food will be there to ease the stress because it tastes just as great as it was when it was originally packaged.

With flavors this amazing, you won’t want to wait for a disaster to try out a pouch! You can use these for your everyday meals. Cook one up for a quick dinner on a busy soccer night, or relish in a delicious homemade soup with minimal prep on a stormy winter evening. These are fantastic for all of your “What’s for dinner” evenings without all of the extra time and effort. And don’t forget about your college student! They not only have limited time, but may also have limited resources for cooking. These are a fantastic option since they are filling, delicious, and EASY! Plus, you can lay off them as a parent. You already know these meals are made with real ingredients and aren’t just another cheap freezer meal. 1-month-value-kit 4662 copy fruit-ad-2_16153833_96b21b2fe8b8ad5540ff88758a1d366ebcd75156-1 fruit-ad-2_16153833_b2f6e8ec5f4a96d84f7eba7bc2bd45dff571d9b6