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Ways To Catch Fish For Survival

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Ways To Catch Fish For SurvivalIn survival situations, waters can provide you with an excellent food source. Whether you’re looking at salt water or fresh water, there is a reason why settlers coming to America all those years ago had a tendency to settle by water first.

Before learning how to catch fish for survival, it’s important to learn the distinction between survival and self-reliance, as some fishing techniques are deemed illegal if not for genuine survival purposes.

When something is done for survival, it’s done to prevent imminent death, and when fishing for survival, the fish being caught are done to stave off starvation that would otherwise occur. Self-reliance is the practice of relying on one’s own capabilities, rather than outside sources, and in these circumstances, some of the same fishing techniques one would use for survival cannot be used legally.

A few ways to catch fish in survival situations are:

• Jugging – While not a positive thing, plastic and floatables can be found pretty much anywhere. Even in the most remote locations, you’ll probably spot some trash, and it at least comes in handy with this survival fishing technique. With jugging, you’ll tie a baited line to a floating jug or other floatable item, and tie that item to yourself or the shore. When the jug shows signs of a bite, pull it in to see if you’ve caught dinner.

• Spear fishing – Spear fishing can be done pretty simply anywhere where one can find wood, and it’s a technique that’s still used regularly in many parts of the world. With spear fishing for survival, fashion a stick or piece of wood into a spear, and wait in the shallow waters where you can see fish swimming by. Spear fishing isn’t only for fish, and in survival situations, it can be used to catch snakes, frogs, and turtles as well.

• Netting – A good fishing net is something you should always keep in any survival pack, and it can seriously come in handy when catching fish for survival. With netting, you can either cast out a large net and wait for fish to swim into it, or use a small net in the shallows to catch those swimming by.

In survival situations, catching fish is a great way to ensure you remain sustained until you reach safety. With these fishing techniques, you can use what you have at your disposal or around you in nature as a means to survive.