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Turn Your Purse Into A Survival Kit

April 16, 2019 2 min read

Turn Your Purse Into A Survival KitAccidents occur all the time and being prepared could be what keeps you safe in times of trouble. Even troubling times aside, it is always nice to have a few back-up items to help you out when things go wrong or get uncomfortable.

So What Is An Emergency Kit?

Really an emergency kit is any type of case or bag that you keep handy when you find yourself in an emergency and contains several helpful items. The case used can be anything that is easy to carry around, heavy duty, and hopefully is easy to organize your items.

In this case, we'd recommend using a nice sized purse or backpack. All the pockets make organization rather simple, you can easily just throw it over your shoulder, and it usually is a durable enough quality for your needs.

So What Needs To Be In Your Emergency Kit?

What goes into your emergency kit can vary from person to person. There are some basics like Band-Aids, extra batteries, and hand lotion that can be nice to have in the majority of situations. However, other items will be more important for some individuals than it is for someone else. Think about some emergencies you've had in the past or about the situations you may find yourself in.

Does An Emergency Kit Need To Be Organized?

Absolutely! Once you’ve figured out what you need to have with you in an emergency, you should try to find a way to organize it. Throwing a bunch of stuff into a bag is just going to frustrate you in times of emergency. This is why it is important that the case or bag you use has a few compartments to prevent mess.

Small thing especially need to be put somewhere easy to find because they are the most likely to get lost in the mess of things. It is also recommended that you put like-items together so you will know exactly where to look when a situation comes up.