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Things Worth Their Salt In An Emergency

April 15, 2019 2 min read

In the event of a national disaster or emergency that leads to a societal breakdown, certain items that we have grown accustomed to and skills that we have benefited from may be meaningless in this type of situation. For instance, if the power grid fails, certain items such as food, gold, and of course guns will become extremely valuable as a result. Furthermore, it will be necessary to learn certain skills if you haven’t already. These include applying first aid, hunting, and reloading to name a few.

Once you cover all the bases on your emergency preparedness itinerary, you want to ensure that you do not overlook those items that may be cheap now but worth their salt in the event of a national disaster or emergency. In other words, what items will provide the greatest return or value for your money? Should the grid go down, the following items are cheap right now but could skyrocket in value during an emergency:

AC/DC converter – similar in nature to the function of a power inverter (see below), this device can adjust any voltage up or down depending on what is required. Most individuals may overlook this item after the grid goes down since power inverters normally convert 12 volts of DC power into 120 volts of AC power.

Patches for bicycle tires – chances are, there are going to be tons of these in use if we are no longer able to purchase fuel for our vehicles. That being said, bicycle inner tube patching and repair kits are very cheap for the time being. Despite the fact that the supply of bicycles should be plentiful, inner tubes may not be so abundant.

Polar Pure – this water purification chemical highly concentrated crystallized iodine and will be worth its weight in gold should the water supply get interrupted or stop altogether. One bottle of this will enable you to purify up to 500 gallons of water. You can also purchase iodine crystals in bulk for the same purpose.

Power inverter – although these are fairly costly as it is, they will be extremely valuable if the grid goes down. Furthermore, it will be much more costly than any other electronic devices since they will all need this device for recharging. Since alternative power sources such as solar and wind generates DC power and most electronic devices are AC-powered, you will need this device to do the converting.

Vitamin C – oftentimes referred to as “nature’s penicillin”, this will become a most critical nutrient, especially if the healthcare industry infrastructure collapses. Fruit is the best food source for Vitamin C so it will be necessary to grow your own. Considering how long it takes for trees to bear fruit, it’s best to start on this ASAP.