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The Ultimate Paracord Uses List

April 15, 2019 3 min read

Paracord seems to be a pretty standard item for preparedness. It is a lightweight rope that is usually made from nylon. It usually consists of a braided exterior that encases interior strands. Type III paracord has a minimum breaking point of 550 pounds, making this a great multi-tool of rope. There are hundreds of ways to use it for your preps.  

So what exactly can you do with it?

      • Emergency Tow Rope – Up to 550 pounds worth!
      • Jump Rope – Keep the kids entertained, even during an emergency kit.
      • Tie Down – Keep a tarp or tent from flapping in the wind!
      • Clothesline – You can dry your clothes in the sun.
      • Floss – Use the inner strands to maintain your oral health.
      • Fishing Line – Use the inner strands to catch your next meal.
      • Shoelaces – If yours break, use paracord. Just make sure to melt the ends first
      • Sewing – The inner threads can be used to repair your clothing.
      • Snowstorm Help – Tie yourself to the car or another person in a snowstorm to prevent getting lost.
      • Emergency Suture – It’s not exactly sterile, but I guess, in a pinch…
      • Belt – Hold your pants up.
      • Hang a Pot – Not sure how to cook over the fire? Try hanging the pot from a tree.
      • Make a Hammock – With a bit (or a lot) of time, you could weave your own hammock!
      • Wrap a Knife Handle – If you’ve gotslippery knife, you can wrap the handle with paracord to give you some extra grip.
      • Make a Fishing Net – Catch more fish at a time with a paracord fishing net.
      • Cat’s Cradle – Yet another way to entertain your kids.
      • Rescue Rope – Tie a bowline to help pull someone up a cliff.
      • Trellis – Create your own trellis for your veggies to climb in the garden.
      • Secure Gear – Use paracord to tie downgear in your truck or on your pack.
      • Bear Bags – Ever camped somewhere with bears? Use your paracord to suspend your food out of bears reach.
      • Dog Leash – No need for something flashy when paracord works just fine.
      • Climbing – Use it to climb up a tree or a cliff.
      • Bundle Wood – Make your load easier to carry by bundling your wood together with paracord.
      • Tourniquet – If nothing else is available.
      • Secure a Splint – Use pieces of paracord to secure a splint to a limb.
      • Sling – While you’re at it, you can make a sling as well.
      • Secure a Boat – Tie your boat to the dock or a tree to keep it from floating around.
      • Traps and Snares – Build a trap to catch dinner.
      • Make a Bracelet – For a boredom buster.
      • Make Rope – I know, it’s already “rope”, but by combining multiple strands you can make an even stronger and bigger rope!
      • Stretcher – Weave between two large branches to create a make-shift stretcher.
      • Stone-Throwing Sling – Fling those rocks at an enemy with paracord.
      • Hanging Good or Game – If you’ve had to catch your own food, you need a way to hang it up away from predators.
  This list is just the tip of the iceberg! What other uses can you think of for paracord?