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The Overlooked Importance Of Hunting Preparedness

April 16, 2019 2 min read

When it comes to survival and being able to be self-sustained if a crisis situation ever called for it, people focus on a variety of skills and techniques. But one thing that can be overlooked while planning a vegetable garden and understanding the basics of emergency food storage is hunting preparedness.

Hunting preparedness is just what it sounds like – being fully prepared to be able to hunt for your food. There are a lot of different elements that can go into this, and making sure that you are ready is important for anyone focused on being survival ready. Here are some of the things to focus on.
  • Hunting And Tracking – Obviously, you need to hone your skills of hunting. But can you track, as well? A surprising number of people who claim to be great hunters have very limited tracking skills. Practicing doesn’t even require that it be hunting season in your area, and mastering the art of tracking is key for any would-be hunter. 
  • Cleaning And Storage – Once you have your kill, do you know how to clean it, cook it, or store it? There are numerous methods of storing meat including smoking, drying into jerky, freezing, and even canning. Learn to use them all to improve your self-sustainability. This is an excellent complement to stocking your home with long term food storage essentials. 
  • Rifle Maintenance – This is one that is incredibly overlooked. Good rifle maintenance is a must for any weapon owner. Not only do you need to keep your weapon clean, but also oiled and sighted properly. Taking care of your gun is vital for any hunter who wants to find success in the forest. Also, storing ammunition properly is important as well. Gathering large quantities of ammo is obviously important for long term survival situations, but be sure to store it in a cool, dark, and – most importantly – dry location. 
  • Animal Knowledge – Finally, know your animals. Understanding the habits and lifecycles of different animals will help you have better success overall at hunting, tracking, and even trapping. 
If you’ll pay attention to these basic points you can prepare yourself and your home for better hunting. We’ve used hunting ever since the dawn of man, and it remains an important method of gathering food for you and your family. Don’t overlook it when preparing for the worst – master hunting and you’ll give yourself one more way to stay alive.