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The Need To Prepare Is In The Air

April 16, 2019 2 min read

The Need To Prepare Is In The AirWhile isolated occurrences of Ebola have certainly made the national news, these reports have also helped to garner an awareness in the public that emergency provisions could be a sound consideration for people across the nation. Whether a person lives in a rural or metropolitan area, an outbreak of any infectious disease can become a cause for concern. Although the focus on Ebola is due to its highly swift incubation time and destructive nature, it should be noted that this virus uses a contact vector, so direct interaction with an infected individual can be a cause for concern. Interestingly, the media is only marginally focused on infections that can actually be a greater concern for epidemic. It is flu season, and this virus is an airborne contagion.  

Taking Precautions

While many mothers will try to protect their children during flu season, this can be a challenging task. Regardless of the use of anti-bacterial wipes to reduce transmission, the truth is that this virus can still be contracted through breathing it in. Short of wearing a protective mask over the nose and mouth at all times, there will be a strong possibility that some member of the family will contract the disease. In a small environment such as a home, the spread of the flu can become multiplied. Close quarters can lead to greater contraction, and mothers are often faced with the question of how to halt the outbreak from just continuing through the community.

One responsible tactic is to keep all family members quarantined within the home, until the infection passes. To be prepared for this possibility, mothers may also wish to consider having a stock of food kits and food storage to weather this small period of seclusion. This will reduce the risk of spreading the disease by going out shopping, and will also help better the immune response by not needing to engage in excess exertion. With all the supplies easily on hand, the family members can work through the illness in relative comfort, and emerge with the natural immunity that is built up from recovery. Valley Food Storage has a number of food kits and ready to eat meals that can satisfy any member of the household, and also give them the proper nutrition that is needed for recovery. Browsing our site can also give moms a full overview of the choices for flavor and quality, which may even inspire mealtimes for any season, flu or otherwise.