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The Importance Staying Aware Of The Environment

April 14, 2019 2 min read

The Importance Staying Aware Of The EnvironmentEmergency preparedness is always a an important thing, but people should also be cognizant of the fact that survival can be as much a factor of supplies as it can of the environment where a person is trying to survive.

Even the best stocked shelter can be of little use if it is flooded out, or covered by a mudslide. For this reason, making a survival plan can be looked at as both gathering long term emergency food storage and other provisions, but also planning where the safest place for these provisions may be. Creating a shelter area can be one of the first steps in starting a survival plan. Some individuals have customized their homes to allow for living off the grid, or for having alternative energy sources and protected spaces in the event of an emergency. Other people may construct a shelter that is slightly off site for such an event, but either way, it is still necessary to consider the actual environment before building up food kits for storage.  

Within And Without The Home

The choice to outfit the home with long term food storage and other emergency features can be ideal, since this will not require family members to have to leave the shelter. While this can be a safer choice for many natural disasters, it will also require that certain assurances are also made. However, these considerations should also be taken for offsite or subterranean shelters.

Flooding – homes that are built on any type of floodplain, even a hundred year one can become unsafe for habitation with severe storms, hurricanes, and excessive rainfall.

Wind damage – while this is an obvious consideration in areas that are prone to tornadoes, structural integrity or safe rooms can be important for any storm.

Water tables – this is a necessary consideration when the shelter or the long term food storage area is below ground, as moisture and stagnant water can become unsafe.

Snow damage – homes and shelters with flat roofs can be likely to collapse under the weight of a heavy snowfall, so structural integrity and design modification should always be kept in mind.