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Taking A Page From Traditional Wisdom

April 14, 2019 3 min read

Taking A Page From Traditional WisdomFor centuries, the Farmer’s Almanac has been a trove of information for people who are engaged with gardening, working outdoors, or other tasks that involve gaining greater self sufficiency by operating in concert with the land and the seasons. Along with yearly pointers about ideal gardening times and new home health remedies, this iconic publication is also well known for having some of the most accurate weather predictions for the entire year. While there are many individuals who greatly rely upon these forecasts, especially when planning emergency preparedness or long term food storage, there are just as many people who see the Almanac as a nostalgic piece of Americana. However, it might be wise for anyone to take a few moments each year when the new Almanac comes out, and take a look ahead, as this can allow for better preparedness in case of any environmental event.  

Planning With Foresight

For casual preppers, using this guide can also be a good way to budget and store any necessary provisions. If the year looks like it may be a moderate one, then a current emergency kit, with long term food storage, water supplies, and a first aid gear may be enough to weather any storm. However, if the year is predicted to have a harsh winter or an exceedingly rainy spring, then people can have the presence of mind to make sure that food kits and other provisions are in plentiful supply and at an easy access. Simple routines such as checking the weather for the year will still not account for other concerns that can also lead to survival situations. Of course, the Almanac does not forecast things such as contagion outbreaks, fuel shortages, or terror events, but starting a long term food storage larder for weather concerns should always include extra supplies. These can be in the event that relief from an environmental disaster is not fast in coming, but these provisions can also be extra insurance for other situations that can lead to isolation and possible shortages.  

What The Future Holds

The weather predictions for this year include colder than average temperatures across the continent, and steady precipitation. While this may not amount to a season of blizzards, it does indicate that most of the country will be experiencing constant poor road conditions, and the strong possibility of iced and downed power lines. This could mean that sections of the population will be without power for longer than is comfortable. Winter prepping can be a little different than just making an emergency kit, and some provisions to keep in mind include:

Ready-made food kits – which often take only hot water to prepare

Flame safe pots and pans – these can be used over a variety of heat sources

Heat source – to warm the shelter and keep inhabitants safe. This could be anything from an existing wood stove to a kerosene heater.

Fuel – for both heat and cooking

Communication system – cell phones can work in inclement weather, but this is not always a given. Short wave radios can be best for information in and out.

Water or water filtration system – while snowfall can offer a fresh supply of water, this will still need to be filtered as well as boiled.